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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bryan Lee 1995 Heat Seeking Missile

Bryan Lee is an American blues guitarist and singer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also known by the nickname braille blues daddy and has been a fixture on Bourbon Street scene since the 1980s.

While he knows exactly where he wants to melodically and musically, Lee cannot physically see at all. That’s where spiritual faith comes into play everyday. It is especially evident in his music, which is grounded in intensity and poured out with passion that can only come from someone who intimately knows the blues. “As a blind person I put my faith in the Lord everyday. You have to believe in something to carry forward. A lot of people have let me down over the years because it is easy to take advantage of a blind person. In the end, it is faith in God that gets you along the way and practically, I put my faith on the line every time I cross the street.” ”As you get older; blues is something that you get better at simply because of your age. You understand the music more and you learn to appreciate the old cats a whole lot more”.


01 - Heat Seeking Missile

02 - Smokin' Woman

03 - Pain

04 - Lucille

05 - Why

06 - So Mean To Me

07 - Blind Man Boogie

08 - Can't Stop This Heartache

09 - Dope Smokin' Blues

10 - Your Love

11 - Fight For The Light



Enjoy the music!

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