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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bryan Lee 2005 Live & Dangerous

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:24
Size: 172,43 MB

United States


Lee picked the band as much for their team esprit as solo strengths. As you'll hear, guitarist Brent Johnson rips some wicked wah slide and chilling rock leads (rather a la Hendrix in "Six String Therapy"), as much to Lee's enjoyment as everyone else's. Likewise longtime Duke Robillard sideman, Berkeley teacher and front man in his own right Bruce Katz is on hand for some smoky Hammond B3 and keys. And stoking the fire is Lee's rhythm section, the bass of Johnathan "Cujo" Limjuco and the drums of Craig Panosh (whose father also drummed for Lee)

This set surveys a best of BL from "The Bounce" to "Memphis Bound" (both his own tunes) and 9 classic Lee rides in between: a slow minor blues in "Blues On My Mind," shuffles like "Rocket 88" - generally lots of grazing space for the tossing of licks. It wouldn't be Lee without a Mardi Gras march called "Second Line" (written by Lee's pal Carlton P. Love) where drummer Panosh puts 2400 cheeks in motion.

There is a special language in effect here. It has to do with the confidence with which a guitarist's hands commune with the axis of strings upon frets, buoyed up by a critical amp volume and tone. Being blind, perhaps Lee's sensitivities serve him better, unimpeded by visual reference.

Like Ray Charles and many blind blues artists, the magic he weaves is always one sense closer to his art than for the rest of us; he can get us "there" quicker, simpler, sometimes with more grace, sometimes with a phrase uncomfortably profane and fearful. And it transcends, dare I pun, the spectrum of human experience from happy to sad to lonely to found. Everyone there that night would agree. - Dean Cottrill

Dean Cottrill is a musician and contributor to Montreal's HOUR magazine.


01 - The Bounce 05:07

02 - The Walk 03:57

03 - Don't Take My Blindness For Weakness 07:40

04 - Second Line Home 05:33

05 - Rocket 88 04:28

06 - Blues On My Mind 05:15

07 - Hug Me Til It Hurts 07:13

08 - Gave You What You Wanted 06:42

09 - No Need To Worry 05:37

10 - Six String Therapy 15:19

11 - Memphis Bound 08:33

Bryan Lee here:



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