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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hacha 1999 Hacha

Genre: Rock
Rate: 212 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:05
Size: 66,51 MB

United States

Album Notes

Southern rock immediately evokes images of Black Crowes, The Marshall Tucker Band and The Allman Brothers. HACHA is clearly influenced by these pioneers of the genre, but rather than be a cheap imitation, HACHA builds on that foundation and creates something that is all their own. At times the album sounds vaguely familiar, but just when you are about to identify the riff from some classic tune, it veers off into something new, unexpected, and all together exceptional.

This is the result of a musical collaboration of life long friends. A comfortable old sofa familiarity exists between the band, that was formed while the members were still learning the quadratic equation. This gives them the freedom to venture into new territory, to experiment, and just rock without fear of ridicule or mockery from their band mates. They have formed a circle of trust inside their compound, the Hacienda de Hacha 2.0, in Encino, that extends to the stage and to the studio.
It doesn't hurt that they have honed their craft by playing hundreds of shows across the United States in venues ranging from small clubs to large theatres. Formed in Connecticut in 1997 by friends whose lives were so inexplicably woven together that it would take two thirty packs an a couple of hours to get the story straight, HACHA defined their sound at Brandy's, a Restaurant/Bar owned by Bassist, Mike Murphy's, Parents.

During Breaks from their respective colleges HACHA toured the Northeast extensively while sharing bills with some of the industry's finest performers. A small sample of the artists HACHA has shared the stage with include Guster, Stangefolk, Jerry Garcia Band, Derek Trucks Band, Roberta Flack and members of the Black Crowes, Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule.

They have pulled up their roots (so to speak) and have moved to Southern California where a whole new section of the country can hear their signature sound of southern chant rock, which melds southern inspired rock with soaring, extended choruses. They have taken up residence in the aforementioned Hacienda de Hacha 2.0, so named because it is the second installment, and are ready to launch an offensive throughout the Southwest this fall. HACHA is the product of friendship channelled into musical experimentation and the result is something special.


01 - The Slip 04:41

02 - Borrowed Time 06:45

03 - What About Bob 04:37

04 - Her Eyes 04:12

05 - Ladia-Mine 04:32

06 - Concubine 04:01

07 - Orange You Glad 04:22

08 - Take A Bow 04:00

09 - Long Wake Up 06:55

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