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Monday, November 19, 2012

James Harman Band 1988 Extra Napkins

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:39
Size: 88,44 MB

United States

review by Cub Koda

Originally released on Rivera Records in 1988, this is the first of a projected series of compact discs chronicling the recording sessions that went into the making of James Harman's first fully formed studio endeavor. Harman approached the entire recording as if each song was a single, using whatever personnel were right for the song -- his regular band on some tunes, horns and other guest artists on others. This initial volume in the set collects the 12 songs that appeared on the original album, which laid the groundwork for Harman's later recorded efforts. As some 53 tunes were recorded in that fertile two-year period between 1985 and the album's final lineup here, this batch is apparently just the tip of iceberg.


01 - It's All Right Now 03:46

02 - My First Crime 03:38

03 - All Night Boogie 02:29

04 - Just As Well To Kill Me 04:30

05 - Party Girl 02:12

06 - Extra Napkins 02:36

07 - Sad To Be Alone 03:10

08 - Rambler's Blues 03:10

09 - Hand In Hand 03:20

10 - School Girl 02:47

11 - If You Lose Your Money 03:11

12 - Ain't That Fine 03:50

James Harman Band here:




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