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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kelly Richey 1995 The Blues Don't Lie

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:23
Size: 59,92 MB

United States

“The Blues Don’t Lie” is Richey’s second studio CD release. This album grew out of a songwriting project between Richey and Sam “Shake” Anderson. Shake wrote and produced two songs specifically for Richey, and while they were in the pre-production stage, she decided to move forward and record a full-blown album. Richey reached out to another talented songwriter, the late Tim Krekel, and Tim suggested that she check out Melody Hill Studios located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. He felt Melody Hill studio was the perfect place to record Richey’s album. Tim accompanied Richey to visit the studio, and in addition, gave her several of his songs to consider for the record.

This special album includes two songs by Sam “Shake” Anderson: “Set It Off” and “Sold Me Down The River” and also “Scandalize” by Tim Krekel, with the remainder of the tracks on the CD a mixture of blues/rock standards, like “Further on up the Road” and “Key to the Highway”, which Richey deftly makes her own. “Turtle Blues” was a song recorded by the late Janis Joplin-- a straightforward blues tune that resonated with Richey so much that she wanted to cover it here on this album. During the recording of “The Blues Don’t Lie”, Richey discovered the song “Angel”, co-written by the engineer/studio owner Vince Emmett. To this day, the song is a personal favorite of Richey’s. As a side note, the title track on this CD was the very first blues song Richey ever wrote.

“The Blues Don’t Lie” is bluesy, honest and raw, with Richey obviously stealing the spotlight on this vulnerable, original song that draws directly from Richey’s own experiences in life. The solid rhythm section on the record consists of two of the first KRB members: Shawn Wells (drums) and Terry Williamson (bass guitar); both musicians working well together to provide a rock-solid platform for Richey’s earth-shaking guitar work. The CD also features the dynamic Keith Hubbard (Lexington, Kentucky) on keyboards. (


01 - Tears Like Rain 05:49

02 - Black Cat Bone 05:22

03 - The Blues Don't Lie 04:35

04 - Sold Me Down The River 04:09

05 - Scandalized 05:42

06 - Set It Off 04:35

07 - Turtle Blues 06:02

08 - Further On Up The Road 04:30

09 - Key To The Highway 07:11

10 - Angel 04:28

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