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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Kelly Richey Band 2006 Speechless

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:07
Size: 64,26 MB

United States

"Speechless holds a special place for me – it’s one of my favorite albums I’ve ever recorded. I brought a selection of chords with loosely formed rhythmic ideas to a relatively new rhythm section, and we hammered out arrangements and parts as we were working up the material for an updated version of the Kelly Richey Band. I wanted to add material to the show that was fresh, and I wanted to simply focus on the music to best allow me to create a relationship with my new rhythm section, David Clawson (drums) and Jimmy V. (bass guitar). I recorded this album in the basement of my home with the help of engineer and recording mentor Rick Andress. Rick had been tutoring me on how to use my new computer software for recording. He helped run the sessions, and also did the final mixes. My favorite record by my favorite guitarist Roy Buchannan is “You’re Not Alone”; an amazing instrumental record that had deeply influenced me as a guitar player for years. I longed to do an album that was free of vocals and in doing so, would force me to use just my guitar to express all of the emotions I felt I needed to express.” So states Kelly Richey of her 2006 studio release “Speechless.”

A truly remarkable effort on Richey's part to both write and record an all instrumental album that pays honor to the extraordinary artists who have inspired and influenced her musically throughout the years: Roy Buchanan, Jeff Beck, Al di Meola, Pat Metheny and Michael Hedges. “Speechless” is a timeless aural treat not to be missed— Richey’s work here has won critical acclaim and shines as a much-deserved career highlight. (


01 - One Day We'll Feel The Sun 03:45

02 - Is There Any Reason 07:13

03 - Only The Bird Knows 02:35

04 - Climb The Highest Mountain 05:46

05 - Stand Alone 03:53

06 - And I Sing 02:31

07 - The Longest Road 06:22

08 - Without A Trace 03:43

09 - If I Could Fly 04:19

The Kelly Richey Band here:



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