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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

John Primer 2008 All Original

Genre: Blues
Rate: 275 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:39
Size: 118,24 MB

Album Notes

Grammy Award and Handy Award Nominee, John Primer’s history is the real deal!

John’s life started in Camden Mississippi on his grandmother’s sharecropper land, dreaming of a better life and working in the fields. His biggest dream in life was to someday play his guitar with his idol Muddy Waters. John ended up doing that and much, much more!

John should be credited for helping Muddy Waters bring the Blues to Chicago and for taking it further into the 21st Century.John has been that perfect liaison – filling the gap between the older traditional style and the younger Chicago Blues style.John went from field songs and gospels, into traditional Blues, then R&B and Soul then finally pioneering the infamous Chicago Blues style we know today.

“All Original” is a dream come true for John. 12 all original songs recorded for his very own record label – Blues House Productions, is another first.

Cataloging his own music, writing, producing, teaching young musicians and sharing his experiences with the world is now his focus and life mission.

This first CD is only the beginning, putting 12 all originals into it’s collection.

“All Original” starts out fast with “Add A Little Touch”, shaking you up and getting you ready for a full blues experience. “Going Back To Mississippi” pays tribute to his home and let’s you into his heart. “I Called My Baby” is a slide guitar lovers dream! “Everyday Brings By A Change” is one of John’s favorites and represents how he looks at life. “Blue Eyed Woman”, “Other Man”, “The Woman That I am Loving”, and “Bad Child” are all great examples of John’s diverse Blues skills. “Keep On Loving The Blues” is another Primer favorite. John sings this at the end of most of his shows to send the audience home remembering to keep on loving the Blues. “At Home Alone” is a great soul-felt, minor key song, highlighting John's R&B, soulful voice. “Say Yes, Don’t Say No” shows John’s playful spirit. “All Original” ends with “Love In My Heart For You”, a traditional, acoustic duet with just John and Harmonica Hinds. John’s 3 year old daughter Aliya Makayla Becker is with them dancing around the studio, keeping daddy’s music alive and well!

This is only the beginning for John’s new label, Blues House Productions. Many more CD’s are already being worked on. The label’s intent is to preserve the Blues’ precious past, helping less fortunate musicians, while producing original music for our future.

Fore more information about John Primer, Blues House Productions or the CD “All Original”, please go to these websites or John's new label -


01 - Add A Little Touch 05:02

02 - Going Back To Mississippi 04:37

03 - I Called My Baby 06:28

04 - Everyday Brings By A Change 05:06

05 - Blue Eyed Woman 05:35

06 - Other Man 03:59

07 - The Woman That I'm Loving 05:26

08 - Bad Child 04:18

09 - Keep On Loving The Blues 04:37

10 - At Home Alone 06:15

11 - Say Yes, Don't Say No 05:05

12 - Love In My Heart For You 04:11

John Primer here:

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Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!

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