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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enrico Crivellaro 2003 Key To My Kingdom

Genre: Blues
Rate: 198 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:41
Size: 77,33 MB


You’re in for a big surprise. Truer words could not be said about the Elecro-Fi debut by award winning Blues guitarist Enrico Crivellaro. ‘Key to My Kingdom’ contains a rousing collection of originals and covers from artists such as Percy Mayfield, Ruth Brown and Donald Byrd. There is an incredible display of variety within the guitar talents of Mr. Crivellaro, that one would wonder why his name is not more pertinent in the Blues world. Winner of the ‘Swing Guitarist of the Year’ award for his work with the Royal Crown Revue, and a stint as James Harman’s guitarist, Enrico proves with each track on the CD that the Blues cannot be falsified – only amplified.

The band is an all star cast, with Finis Tasby and James Harman sharing vocal duties, Bruce Katz on piano and Hammond B-3, Alex Schultz proving rhythm guitar support on two tracks, Scott Steen on trumpet, Jeff Turmes on tenor sax, Steve Mulligan on drums and Rick Reed on bass. The opening track “You’re in For A Big Surprise” is an emotional ride, with full bodied vocals provided Finis Tasby, scorching guitar work from Crivellaro and heavy hitting piano from Bruce Katz. The rockin’ and familiar lyrics of “Drinkin’ Cheap Champagne” (from a Dixie cup) are another example of fine vocals, this time courtesy of James Harman. Track 6, “Rain Is A Bringdown” is a gem. This carefully adapted Ruth Brown tune is as perfect as the original. Sweet Hammond playing from Katz, and deep Blues grooves from Crivellaro add a fantastic base for Tasby’s soulful vocals. Delicate and haunting trumpet from Scott Steen makes “Black Coffee” an outstanding instrumental piece that remains one of my favourites from this CD. (© 2004 by Sarah French and Blues On Stage at:


01 - You're In For A Big Surprise 04:36

02 - Drinkin' Cheap Champagne 03:14

03 - Key To My Kingdom 03:25

04 - Walkin' And Walkin' 06:23

05 - The 'In' Crowd 04:09

06 - Rain Is A Bringdown 03:52

07 - Black Jack 05:38

08 - Stand By 04:49

09 - Train To Venice 03:59

10 - Help Me Flip Another Flop 04:42

11 - Black Coffee 05:54

12 - Makin' Money 04:00

Enrico Crivellaro here:

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