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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Gilson With Bruce Ewan & The Solid Senders 2002 Live At The Blue Note

Genre: Blues
Rate: 188 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:52
Size: 81,35 MB


Big Gilson comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been playing the Blues and producing ten albums over there. Now we get to see and hear him in the UK.

The album as it suggests from the title was recorded at the Blue Note in New York, and rather than using his regular Brazilian band - Rio Dynamite - he's on stage with Bruce Ewan (harmonica) and the Solid Senders. A guest guitarist arrives for one number as well.

The album starts off with a "Tribute To Roy Buchanan" and an introduction to the band, before going into one of his own compositions "Cab Driver Blues", followed by "Ghreen's Boogie" co-written with Al Ghreen. The sound is tight and sharp. The album has ten tracks, four written by Gilson and Ghreen. Big Gilson takes the vocals on five of them and Bruce Ewan on three. The two instrumentals are both Roy Buchanan related with a great cover of "Messiah Will Come again" complete with "crying" guitar, appearing as track six in addition to the opening track. One of Big Gilson's great loves is the work of Little Walter Jacobs, this CD contains a deliciously slow "Blue and Lonesome" with some excellent laid back guitar and of course harmonica from Bruce. The second track is the up-tempo "I Got To Go". Bobby Radcliff joins the band on guitar for Elmore James' "Shake Your Moneymaker" and well worth it is too. The harmonica of Bruce Ewan leads into a steady beat version of "Judgement Day" (Snooky Pryor) with Bruce on vocals. It's slide guitar to the fore on "Hey Doc". The Album, and the evening ends with a nine minute version of Elmore James' "Drivin' Wheel"

A great CD, giving us the chance to hear what was obviously a great night. (Blues in Britain @


01 - Tribute To Roy Buchanan 03:35

02 - Cab Driver Blues 05:54

03 - Ghreens Boogie 06:22

04 - Blue And Lonesome 08:49

05 - I Got To Go 04:35

06 - Messiah Will Come Again 04:19

07 - Shake Your Moneymaker 05:24

08 - Judgement Day 04:28

09 - Hey Doc 06:23

10 - Drivin' Wheel 09:03

Big Gilson With Bruce Ewan & The Solid Senders here:

Thank you Bluesbeast for sharing this album!

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