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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kelly Richey 2008 Carry The Light

Genre: Blues
Rate: 203 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:20
Size: 69,37 MB

United States

Carry The Light was co-produced by Rick Brantley and was recorded at his studio All These Sounds, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Richey’s intention with the 11-track 2008 release was to make a socially relevant blues-based rock album. She pulled from influences such as David Gilmour in the track “When All Is Said And Done”, and John Mayer in the beautiful “What In The World”; Jimi Hendrix influenced her title track “Carry The Light” and also the track “Time For A Change.” “Leave The Blues Behind” takes a straight-ahead approach to blues/rock with a driving Motown-type groove that incorporates a signature guitar rhythm influenced by the rock band INXS.

Richey states that all songs on “Carry The Light” have deep personal meaning to her; during the time she wrote the songs for this album the country was ripped in half politically, and she felt a strong conviction to write songs that would inspire a meeting of the two political sides on “middle ground.” In songs like “Lookin’ For A Fight”, Richey talks about how much we all have in common, while ”Run Like Hell” stresses the importance of diplomacy over facing the collective consequences of societal division. “Carry The Light” is a stinging in-your-face, guitar-laden anthem of Richey’s desire to rectify the world’s most pressing issues.


01 - Leave The Blues Behind 03:30

02 - I Want You 03:33

03 - What In The World 05:10

04 - Carry The Light 04:47

05 - Angela's Song 04:43

06 - Jericho Road 05:04

07 - Run Like Hell 04:24

08 - When All Is Said & Done 04:33

09 - No More Lies 03:57

10 - Lookin' For A Fight 02:37

11 - Time For A Change 05:02

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