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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cathy Jean 2002 Marshall Road Apocalypse

Genre: Blues
Rate: 211 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:04:19
Size: 94,57 MB

United States

In one moment, sweet-sounding voice of an angel; in the other, the scream of the devil... There is no better way to describe Cathy Jeans' extremely interesting voice which in some moments vibrates in the way that everything sounds even more colorful. There are not many white, female vocalists who are able to create the tension, passion and suspense that grabs the listener from the first note and keeps them interested until the end. Cathy is surely one of those who can! This successful result is also due to the material on the CD which is mostly Cathy's own and very personal. Music on the album is nothing but a happy and swaying rhythm 'n' blues with some elements of pop or even sometimes jazz, which does not decrease the pleasure of listening at any time. Bluesy imagination; rocky spirit; and this woman's vocal, full of fire and pure sex... what else could we want? (Przemyslaw Draheim, "Twoj Blues" Magazine, Poland)


01 - Your One And Only 05:19

02 - Kauai 04:39

03 - Call It (Quits) 03:17

04 - The Kids From Glen Burnie 04:33

05 - Ms. Jeneration Hip Zone 04:11

06 - Dirty One 03:34

07 - Behind My Back 04:04

08 - It's On Me 03:58

09 - Austria 05:22

10 - Purple Tattoos 04:26

11 - Prophet 04:05

12 - You Don't Know 04:03

13 - Strut 04:19

14 - Get Me Out 03:22

15 - The Fabulous New Debbie Song 05:07

Cathy Jean here:



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