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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan 2006 Crawlin

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:56
Size: 89,02 MB

United States

As a fan of Marc Benno with Leon Russell, and subsequently loving his Lost in Austin album, I was totally thrilled to learn of this album he did with the Nightcrawlers. This band features Doyle Bramhall on drums who is the late father of Doyle Bramhall II. They were trying to get Jimmy Vaughan of the Fabulous T'Birds to play on it, but he begged off, offering to send his 17 year old younger brother instead. The album flopped before it was even released, and A&M records terminated their contract and the planned tour, which explains why you've probably never heard of this band. I don't believe this album was even released until 2006, by some obscure label looking to cash in on Stevie Ray's contribution.

Working on this album was the beginning of SRV's rise to stardom, and his vocals were obviously heavily influenced by Doyle Bramhall. They continued to work together, and Doyle B wrote many of SRVs best songs. I've since downloaded Doyle's Bird Nest on the Ground, which is a totally awesome compilation of stuff he did between 1982 and 93 with a host of other artists, including his son DB II, SRV and Jimmy Vaughan. The sound quality is a little rough, but for anyone interested in these artists, this is a must for your collection! (Warren Bellows)


01 - Last Train 02:05

02 - Coffee Cup 03:20

03 - 8 Ball 06:23

04 - Take Me Down Easy 03:24

05 - Love Is Turnin Green 05:39

06 - Hot Shoe Blues 02:07

07 - Crawlin 03:24

08 - Friends 04:33

09 - Whole Thang 01:57

10 - World Keep Spinnin 02:52

11 - Long Ride Home 03:12

Marc Benno & The Nightcrawlers feat. Stevie Ray Vaughan here:



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