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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Charlie Daniels Band 1975 Volunteer Jam II (From The First Full Length Southern Rock Motion Picture)

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:58:09
Size: 162,31 MB

United States

In 1975, The Charlie Daniels Bnad performed the second of their Legendary Volunteer Jams at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This annual event featured a number of special guests including The Marshall Tucker Band, Dickey Betts and Chuck Leavell from the Allman Brothers Band, Jimmy Hall, Dru Lombar, Bill Hart, and Gary Peacemaker. Originally released as a feature move in 1976.

This video archive of the second "Volunteer Jam" captures The Charlie Daniels Band and many of their contemporaries at their best. Years before the mass appeal of the huge hit "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" in 1979, the CDB was gathering legions of fans the old-fashioned writing and recording great music, but even more importantly, taking it to the people in live concerts. This concert captures that era and that spirit very well.

The list of songs shows how this band and so many others of that time wrote and recorded songs that included long and elaborate "jams" that made the songs last several minutes longer than your usual 3 to 4 minute pop radio hit. That's why this group and so many others didn't have many songs on the radio, but people still bought and enjoyed the heck out of their records. Funny how the CDB is still around, while the acts who had hits in the Top 40 at that time are largely forgotten.

Extended songs like "Birmingham Blues" and "No Place Left to Go" show that song style perfectly, mixing rock, country, blues and jazz all together in one song. Special guests from The Marshall Tucker Band, Dickie Betts from The Allman Brothers Band, and others make this concert even more special. (Gary D. Phillips)


Joel 'Taz' DiGregorio
Tom Crain
Don Murrey
Charlie Daniels
Fred Edwards
Charlie Hayward

Doug Gray
Toy Caldwell
Paul Riddle
Tommy Caldwell
George McCorkle
Jerry Eubanks
Jimmy Hall
Dickey Betts
Chuck Leavell
Dru Lombar


01 - Intro 01:25

02 - Whiskey 06:46

03 - Birmingham Blues 05:58

04 - Long Haired Country Boy 05:27

05 - No Place To Go 19:44

06 - Funky Junky 05:10

07 - Texas 03:10

08 - The South Is Gonna Do It (Again) 04:28

09 - Orange Blossom Special 06:15

10 - Twenty-Four Hours 10:11

11 - The Thrill Is Gone 11:23

12 - Jelly Blues 11:14

13 - Sweet Mama 04:16

14 - Mountain Dew 05:51

15 - Interview With Charlie Daniels 2007 16:51

Charlie Daniels Band here:


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