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Monday, July 28, 2014

Stray 1971 Suicide

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:01
Size: 89,33 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Eduardo Rivadavia

London's Stray followed up an eclectic eponymous debut with more of the same on their 1971 sophomore effort, Suicide, which of course was just dandy since "more of the same" on this occasion essentially entailed another imaginative melding of different musical genres under the broad, forgiving definition afforded by the progressive rock tag. As to the album's rather negative title, it didn't foreshadow a radical shift toward the quartet's pre-existing heavy rock tendencies (actually, more keyboards were the hot novelty here) so much as a reflection of these songs' darker overall mood when it came to their lyrics.

Opener "Son of the Father" offered a perfect example, as it alternated quiet passages of sublime but chilling beauty with other hard-driving but rather upbeat sections -- all supporting questioning meditations about generations of men sent off to war after war. Some ensuing tracks, like "Nature's Way" and "Do You Miss Me?" continue to showcase Stray's copious testosterone via wicked power chords and boogie grooves (but always interlaced with some unexpected jam or jazzy accent), and the especially forceful "Jericho" catapults untold scores of contrasting riffs against one another with urgent intensity, ultimately culminating in a truly frightening descending riff sequence. Other songs take the opposite course of gentle introspection, achieving both mesmerizing (the lyrically corny but musically elegiac "Where Do Our Children Belong") and dismaying results (the soppy, string-laden Muzak of "Dearest Eloise"), while the neither-here-nor-there "Run Mister Run" evokes a Southern rock feel with its cow bells and blue-collar construction. And, finally, there's the controversially themed title track, which combines a Black Sabbath-like bass progression from Gary G. Giles with foreboding fuzz chords and sizzling solo licks from Del Bromham (reminiscent of Sir Lord Baltimore) to impart its gloomy story. Not a very uplifting finale, obviously, but nothing that detracts from Suicide's multi-faceted creative accomplishment, under any circumstance -- especially considering the album was reportedly recorded at Olympic Studios in just 30 hours!


01 - Son Of The Father 05:48

02 - Nature's Way 03:30

03 - Where Do Our Children Belong 03:39

04 - Jericho 04:55

05 - Run Mister Run 03:55

06 - Dearest Eloise 02:30

07 - Do You Miss Me 06:29

08 - Suicide 07:40

09 - Encore 00:35

Stray here:



Sunday, July 27, 2014

Roy Book Binder feat. Knocky Parker 2006 The Tampa Sessions '79

Genre: Blues
Rate: 159 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:04
Size: 47,98 MB

United States

Album Notes

We made these sides back in 1979. It seems like a long time ago. The Knocky Parker sessions bring back great memories. During rehearsal, Knocky was his excitable, flamboyant self. I was worried he was playing too much piano. I later realized he was trying all sorts of stff and experimenting with the tunes. At the recording studio the next day, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. After each take, the engineer would ask me if I wanted to have a listen. I would ask Knocky and he would say, "We'll hear it plenty when the record comes out. What keys the next one in?" Needless to say, we recorded the four tracks in thirty minutes! I only wish I did more recordings with Knocky, who began his career with the Light Crust Dough Boys in 1937.

I hope you all enjoy this look back to a session that brings back fond memories of a moment long gone.


01 - Keep It Clean 02:50

02 - Every Day Of The Week 03:04

03 - Davis Travis Rag 02:01

04 - Church Bell Blues 02:50

05 - Biscuits 02:07

06 - Scandalous And A Shame 02:57

07 - Friend Of Mine 03:22

08 - Travelin' Man 05:18

09 - Kentucky Blues 02:52

10 - Hunkie Tunke Blues 02:32

11 - Goin' Back To Tampa 02:56

12 - Babe I Want You To Know 02:48

13 - The Cocaine Habit 02:19

14 - Oh Glory How Happy I Am 04:08

Roy Book Binder here:



The Milestones 1996 Vol. 1

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:54
Size: 118,72 MB


Oh my GOD how time flies! It feels just like yesterday when these five rock'n roll rebels to be known as THE MILESTONES took their native home town Helsinki by force with their timeless and soulful rock'n roll, as they entered the legendary stage of the longest serving rock club in Europe, Tavastia Club on one cold Friday evening in January 1995.

I wasn't the only one who was impressed. Enter Mr. Hannu Leiden - the vocalist and songwriter of HAVANA BLACK - who had been on the verge of a major breakthrough in USA late eighties, as legendary manager Alan Niven had taken Hannu's band under his wing together with GUNS N'ROSES and GREAT WHITE.

Not one band had impressed Hannu in USA as much as these five Finnish whiskey rock'n rollers from the capital, so there and then he decided to form a record label to release an album by THE MILESTONES.

Vol. 1 saw the light of day in 1996 and boasted an opening track called "Ragged Lies", which would have made the likes of THE BLACK CROWES, AC/DC and LYNYRD SKYNYRD proud, if they had written it themselves! In this case it was five unknown, but hugely talented Finnish rockers in their twenties rocking hard and kicking ass as they were trying to keep themselves warm living next to the arctic circle and Russia - when not drinking vodka, whiskey and rum straight from the bottle. (


01 - Ragged Lies 03:20

02 - Sad Song Cowboy 04:47

03 - The River 04:11

04 - Goodbye Little Angel 05:01

05 - Lonely Road 04:13

06 - Some Day Sunny Day 04:19

07 - Farmer's Son 03:56

08 - Flight 03:59

09 - Feel Allright 04:41

10 - New Spring 04:08

11 - Nails In Chest 03:58

12 - Deal With The Preacher 05:21

The Milestones here:


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society feat. Herbie Goins 1991 Keep It Simple

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:38
Size: 38,05 MB

Italy United States


01 - I'm Ready 03:27

02 - Thinkin' 'n' Drinkin' 05:16

03 - Please Be Mine 03:13

04 - Evil 02:48

05 - We Want That Woman 03:55

06 - You Make Me Out Of My Mind 05:30

07 - Ain't Good Lovin' 03:08

08 - Set Me Free 03:32

09 - Not Trust Worthy 02:43

10 - What's Wrong With You 04:15

11 - Rock 'n' Roll People 03:51

Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society feat. Herbie Goins here:


The Georgia Satellites 1989 In The Land Of Salvation And Sin

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:09
Size: 78,39 MB

United States

Review by Thom Jurek

In the Land of Salvation and Sin was an attempt by Georgia Satellites' songwriter and frontman Dan Baird to reinvent his band while not changing the formula too drastically. The band's third and final outing, it followed the disappointing sales of Open All Night with an even harder approach that kept its focus on American roots music.

The sound may never have strayed far from the raucous, garagey style that gave the band its hit with 1986's "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," but it also took deeper consideration of pop radio as well, as evidenced by the power ballad "It's All Over But the Crying." "Shake That Thing" is a tribute to Lowell George and evokes the late songwriter's sense of humor and, of course, wrangling slide guitar, as well as Little Feat's funky backbeat and chorus line refrains. The stomp and drunken roll of "Six Years Gone" sounds like a great lost Faces track -- and as evidence, "Another Chance" (written by Baird) emulates the interplay between Faces' Ronnie Lane's songwriting style and Ron Wood's slide guitar playing on "Ooh La La," to the degree he includes a "Hats off to Woody and Ronnie Lane" in the songwriting credits. The platitudes don't stop there, though; the cover of Joe South's "Games People Play" is a barnburning slide guitar rocker sung by guitarist Rick Richards, and "Stellazine Blues" emulates both "Hand of Fate" and "Undercover of the Night" by the Rolling Stones.

And as a recording of tribute to their influences, this record works like a charm. Baird is a savvy enough songwriter to do anything he wants, and that he can make something new from something old is to his credit. In the Land of Salvation and Sin might have been a strange career move and it went nowhere, but it stands as the band's most consistent and innovative recording.


01 - I Dunno 03:11

02 - Bottle O' Tears 03:53

03 - All Over But The Cryin' 05:11

04 - Shake That Thing 05:13

05 - Six Years Gone 03:10

06 - Games People Play 03:41

07 - Another Chance 04:34

08 - Bring Down The Hammer 04:24

09 - Slaughterhouse 02:48

10 - Stellazine Blues 04:12

11 - Sweet Blue Midnight 06:27

12 - Days Gone By 03:35

13 - Crazy 03:25

14 - Dan Takes Five 03:25

The Georgia Satellites here:



Friday, July 25, 2014

Drippin' Honey 2008 Senorita Sprechen Sie Love

Genre: Blues
Rate: 290 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:03
Size: 89,81 MB



01 - Senorita 02:00

02 - My Words, My Eyes 04:11

03 - Few And Far Between 04:11

04 - What A Day 03:12

05 - Rubber Band 03:56

06 - All I Got 03:48

07 - Lovesymbol 05:16

08 - You Don't Have To Cry 05:22

09 - Sapphire 04:01

10 - I Believe To My Soul 04:32

11 - My Father's Son 06:34

Drippin' Honey here:




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