Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Harry Lee & The Back Alley Blues Band 2002 Long Time Comin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:29
Size: 92,71 MB

United States

The CD is comprised of six completely original Blues gems and a wonderfully crafted tribute to Elmore James in a medley of "Talk to Me Baby " and "Dust My Broom." Recorded in Salt Lake City, the album combines the talents of the Back Alley Blues band and two guest guitar players to provide a diverse Blues record that swings, shimmies, shakes, and rocks!

Harry Lee gets out and struts his stuff on harmonica and vocals on the six new tunes he and the band wrote. This album is the real thing. Real Blues and all the Blues is supposed to be! Michael Ricks produced the record specifically focused on simplicity, using as few microphones and overdubs as possible. All of the rhythm tracks were laid down in ensemble format and the chemistry of the rhythm section will flood through your speakers. Your foot will tap and your fingers will snap...you won't have a choice once this CD in your player!

Solid, bass-driven rhythms provide a broad soundscape for lead guitar players Mitch Olson, Eric Sopanen, and Richard Waters to paint every color and texture of the Blues. Eric Sopenen's uptown-smooth guitar on the opening cut "On My Way Back Home to You" smolders through the shapely groove and Harry's sexy vocal like the smoke of a fine Cuban cigar. Mitch Olson peppers the next three cuts with incendiary string-straining bends and four-wheel drive slide guitar over Mike Ricks Voodoo funk and deep South shuffles. Harry Lee's story Blues, "Showdown" will have you sweating in the humid Mississippi heat with it's grinding groove, searing harmonica work, and dripping vocals. Eric Sopanen's guitar shines again on "Shame and a Sin" as he lends his journeyman solos complimenting Harry's heart wrenching vocal about good love gone bad. "Salt Lake City's Got the Blues" is a fast swinging call to the World to dance and sing the Blues as SLC hosted the 2002 Winter Games. The final cut of the record finds Mitch Olson and Nashville guitarist Richard Waters dueling in the on a top-down Blues with a groove as bright and hot as the Southwestern sun it was born under. This record will leave you begging for more great Blues grooves from Harry and the Band. Purchase your copy today, it's guaranteed to satisfy! (http://www.harrylee.net)


01 - On My Way Back Home To You 04:11

02 - Blackest Cat Bone 05:47

03 - Bluesman In The House 05:10

04 - Showdown 07:24

05 - Elmore James Tribute 06:03

06 - Shame And A Sin 05:27

07 - Surgeon General's News 03:10

08 - Loosen Up 03:17

Harry Lee & The Back Alley Blues Band here:


Monday, September 15, 2014

Nico Backton & Wizards Of Blues 2009 Roots And Stories

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:43
Size: 100,06 MB


Nico Backton & Wizards of Blues is considered by critics and the press as one of the best acoustic Blues bands on the French scene. Nico is very pleased to present the 'Wizards of Blues' for a musical journey from Memphis to Chicago, crossing the shores of the Yazoo River. "This record is an appointment with history you are not allowed to miss". Blues Again Magazine. This CD crosses the United States from down South up to the cold North, from dusty cotton fields to the screaming streets of Chicago meeting either the most famous, or unknown Blues-artists and songs from the 30's, 40's, 50's. "Roots and Stories" is an amazing album that deserves a listen. (http://www.dwmmusic.com)


01 - Duncan And Brady 03:22

02 - Dig That Boogie 03:00

03 - Louise Blues 04:58

04 - Blue Monday 03:01

05 - Bad Times 03:29

06 - My Roots 03:46

07 - Valentine's Day Blues 04:35

08 - Baby I Love You 02:07

09 - Tipitina 03:14

10 - Goodnight Irene 05:38

11 - T-Model Ford Blues 04:38

12 - Cigar Box Babe 01:55

Nico Backton & Wizards Of Blues here:



Kickstarter - Campaign For Documentary About Leo 'Bud' Welch, Blues Discovery Of The Decade

Leo Bud Welch is an 82 year old Mississippi-based Blues and Gospel musician who released his debut (!) record earlier this year, taking the blues world by storm. After decades of hard work in the cotton fields and the woods, missed opportunities and gigs in local Juke Joints and churches, Leo’s very late international success is a story that needs to be told.

Our goal is to make a feature documentary called I don’t know what you’ve come to do – The Story of Leo “Bud” Welch. The film will be a reflection upon country life in Mississippi over the past 8 decades and how it formed Leo “Bud” Welch’s music that touches so many people these days.

We will tell the story of Leo’s life – starting with his younger days, working hard in the cotton fields and playing his cousin’s guitar whenever he could. How he played his first concerts in schools and churches but couldn’t make decent money as musician at the time. How he spent decades cutting timber, but still couldn’t afford the bus ticket to Memphis when blues superstar B. B. King invited him to an audition. How he played the blues at night in the fields and woods while cutting timber for days on end.

Together with Leo, we will visit places that were and are important in his life. His birthplace, the farm he grew up on, the cotton fields and the Mississippi woods where he cut timber during the day and played the Blues at night. The two local churches Leo still plays the Gospel in every other Sunday.

We will talk to old friends, collaborators, family, his manager and discoverer Vencie Varnado (a retired US Army First Sergeant) and go on tour with Leo, both in the US and Europe.

We will talk about segregation and the Civil Rights Movement, religion, work life, American history, modernization, success, travelling and of course about gospel music and blues, and how Leo combines these two: The music of God and the music of the Devil.

To finance the movie, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that’s LIVE right now. It launched September 2, 2014 and will be live until September 26, 2014. We’re aiming to raise 15.000 USD, that’s the money we need to cover our basic costs like flights, residence, rental equipment and additional crew salaries.

This is the link to our Kickstarter campaign:


Let’s Make This Happen!

Let’s Make This Happen Productions

Wolfgang Almer
Brunnengasse 42/232
A-1160 Vienna/Austria
+43 650 4464654


Jan James 1994 Last Train

Genre: Pop/Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:53
Size: 130,19 MB

United States

Sounds like Joplin singing for the Faces, or Stones. Gives life to a musical tradition ... The recording is raw and the passion is real. (http://janjamesmusic.com)


01 - Back On My Feet Again 03:07

02 - Carry On 06:08

03 - Just About A Mile 03:37

04 - Blame It On Time 05:01

05 - What Kind Of Man 04:17

06 - One Burnin' Light 04:44

07 - Roll Me 05:37

08 - Satisfy Me 04:10

09 - Don't Cross The Line 03:52

10 - Time Won't Let Me Down 05:12

11 - Last Train 04:56

12 - Help Me 01:43

13 - It's Over 04:29

Jan James here:


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Morblus 2006 I Can't Go Wrong

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:48
Size: 141,44 MB


Morblus heisst die vom 1965 in Verona geborenen Gitarristen und Sänger Roberto Morbioli im Jahre 1991 gegründete italienische Bluesband mit dem wortspielerischen Namen. Die weiteren Bandmitglieder sind Daniele Scala (Hammond & Keys), Paolo Legramandi (Bass und Begleitgesang) und Marco Sacchitella (Schlagzeug). I can't Go Wrong ist sauber aufgenommen, der Sound gut, das Booklet enthält alle Texte und Informationen zum Lineup, unklar bleibt nur die Zusammensetzung des Chors.

Kraftvollen, groovigen Sound, verwurzelt in der Amerikanischen Bluestradition mit Einflüssen von Funk, R&B und Soul, so beschreibt die Band ihre Musik. Die CD enthält 14 Songs, alle aus der Feder von Roberto Morbioli und wurden von Daniele Scala arrangiert. Ergänzt wird die Band durch Stefano Pisetta (Perkussion), Marie Claire Dubost (Hintergrundgesang) und Giancarlo Zucchi (Fender Rhodes).

Abwechslungsreiche CD, vielseitig, mit einem Schwerpunkt beim Funk, gut arrangiert und sauber eingespielt. Die Musiker sind allesamt Könner und die Band harmoniert hörbar. Daniele Scala ist ein ausgezeichneter Hammondspieler. Roberto Morbiolis Gesang ist angenehm, die Rhythmusgruppe trägt jede Variante solide, die Perkussion sorgt für Glanzlichter und der Hintergrundchor gibt den Songs Tiefe und Körper. Die Band hat Drive und überzeugt durchgehend. Ich komme nicht um das Wortspiel rum: More Blues von Morblus. Empfehlenswert!

Kraftvoll und groovig trifft gleich beim Eröffnungssong zu. Jungle Night beginnt schwungvoll und erinnert etwas an Fred Buscaglione und Paolo Conti, und lässt damit die unverwechselbare italienische Art, Rock darzubieten vermuten, was aber nur für diesen ersten Titel zutrifft. I Play My Blues kommt funky daher und Robertos Gesang erinnert hier ein wenig an Joe Cocker. Gutes Zusammenspiel mit Daniele Scala kündigt sich hier an. Soulig geht es weiter mit What's It To You. Hier ist zum ersten Mal der Chor zu hören, wobei nicht ganz klar ist, wer da ausser Marie Claire Dubost noch singt und wer diese soulige Stimme hat, es klingt aber gut. Mit Man Of Snow wird es dann claptonesk, ein Mainstream Titel, der mich nicht besonders begeisterte. Dafür folgt dann mit Lump-Sugar ein rein instrumentaler Jump Blues, der vom Hocker reisst und in dem sich Gitarre und Hammond gegenseitig antreiben. I Can't Go Wrong ist eine schmelzende Ballade, schön arrangiert und wunderbar gesungen. Mit I've Been A Fool folgt ein fröhlicher, toll arrangierter Titel, bei dem das feine Zusammenspiel der Band sehr deutlich wird. Er klingt frisch, rund und luftig. Für Better Half Of Me nimmt Roberto eine akustische Gitarre zur Hand und zeigt subtile Slidequalitäten. Guitars Talking, das zweite instrumentale Stück kommt sehr jazzig daher, Giancarlo Zucchi würzt das Ganze mit seiner Fender Rhodes. Mit Pappy's Words wechselt Morblus zu souligen Klänge mit sehr zurückhaltendem und dezentem akustischem Gitarrenspiel. Funky Party schöpft nochmal aus dem Vollen. Funky und fetzig zaubert das Stück mit Text und Musik eine ausgelassene italienische Sommernacht herbei. Walking Through The Dark ist ein gutes Outro und lässt den Sound der Band noch eine Weile im Ohr nachklingen. (http://www.morblus.com)


01 - Jungle Night 04:31

02 - I Play My Blues 04:53

03 - What's It To You 03:50

04 - Man Of Snow 04:35

05 - Lump-Sugar 02:43

06 - I Can't Go Wrong 04:57

07 - I've Been A Fool 04:52

08 - Better Half Of Me 04:16

09 - Guitars' Talking 04:16

10 - Pappy's Words 04:10

11 - They Ain't Got What I Got 03:11

12 - Sufferin' 06:19

13 - Funky Party 04:52

14 - Walkin Thru The Dark 04:23

Morblus here:


Agustin Haro 2014 Somewhere Lost In The Past [EP]

A couple of old timey songs just sing it by me with effects from Audacity to recreate a sound from 78 rpm vinyls and on normal track to listen to them without that effect. (Agustin Haro)

You can get this EP for free from the bandcamp site:


Thank you Agustin for sharing this EP for free!
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