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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers 1990 Live At The Sutter Street Saloon

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:09:53
Size: 159,79 MB

United States


01 - Blues In My Soul 07:28

02 - Find That Girl 05:56

03 - Voodoo Queen 07:58

04 - Sugar Pie 03:39

05 - Forever Ended Today 05:39

06 - Whiskey 07:45

07 - Heartbreaker 06:59

08 - Sugar Man 06:20

09 - Clean & Mean 03:48

10 - There's The Door 05:29

11 - Got To Play The Blues - The Blues Is All Right 08:52

Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers here:

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Nightlosers 1997 The Groove Distillery - 'Plum Brandy Blues'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:29
Size: 66,88 MB


When on summer holiday in Transylvania, while you might expect the occasional brush with the local folk music in one form or another, you certainly don't expect to discover a band playing the most bizarre combination of blues, R&B and eastern European gypsy music that you've ever encountered in all your days as a music critic. (


01 - Shame Shame Shame 03:34

02 - Baby Why You Want To Let Go 04:48

03 - Everyday I Have The Blues 05:26

04 - Pretty Thing 04:19

05 - All Your Love 04:14

06 - Little City Woman 05:48

07 - Stormy Monday Blues 06:09

08 - Five Long Years 04:12

09 - Hoochie Coochie Man 05:00

10 - Mystery Train 04:58

11 - Trouble In Mind 02:28

12 - Balkan Blue Rumba 02:27

13 - Blue Suede Shoes 02:33

14 - Goodnight Irene 02:33

Nightlosers here:

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Steepwater Band 1999 Goin' Back Home

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 286 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:26:51
Size: 50,82 MB

United States

The band's first studio release is a great introduction to their synthesis as a blues combo kicking ass with both traditional tunes and distinctive originals. (


01 - Goin' Back Home 04:11

02 - I Can't Be Satisfied 05:20

03 - House Is Burnin' 05:01

04 - She's Nineteen Years Old 07:08

05 - Dust My Broom 05:11

The Steepwater Band here:

Taken from Thank you Elfarfulli for sharing this album!


Jeramy Norris Band 2007 Bluesman

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:22
Size: 92,34 MB

United States

Album Notes

BluesMan is more than a CD, it is a time machine taking listeners on a journey through era’s of music influenced by ZZ Top, Muddy Waters, BB King, T-Bone Walker, The Allman Brothers Band, Albert Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Howlin’ Wolf, Ray Charles and Parliament Funkadelic. Back to a time when the rhythm, vocals and guitar expressed as one.

Riddled with conviction, soulful lyrics, raw guitar attack and a tight rhythm section, Blues enthusiasts will have more than a plateful to enjoy.

This CD was produced with the three most important aspects of music in mind, soul, feel and rhythm, thus raising the bar for contemporary blues recordings.

One journey through this CD proves this to be true and then some.


01 - Bluesman 05:32

02 - There Was A Time 04:36

03 - Drinkin' All Night 03:45

04 - Go Around 04:08

05 - The Train Song 03:54

06 - Boogie Boogie 04:10

07 - Ridin' It 02:06

08 - Slow Down 04:32

09 - Lucky As 2 Can Be 03:49

10 - The Funk 03:50

Jeramy Norris Band here:

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

La Moto - Rock Callejero 1991 Sobreviviente

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:22
Size: 37,88 MB



01 - Aros De Plastico 04:17

02 - Me Tomo El Palo Ya 02:34

03 - Noches Alegres Y Mañanas Tristes 03:52

04 - El Blues De La Ruta 22 04:20

05 - Sobreviviente 05:32

06 - Vuelve Un Paso Atras 02:46

07 - Tiren Las Armas Al Mar 04:21

08 - Sucio, Borracho Y Contento 04:57

09 - Balada Para Un Tajo 05:35

10 - Slip 03:08

La Moto - Rock Callejero here:

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Sax Gordon 2004 Live At The Sax Blast

Genre: Blues
Rate: 191 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:09
Size: 79,99 MB

United States

Album Notes

Blues and Soul fans from Amsterdam to Australia have seen Sax Gordon in the bands of some of the music's brightest stars. Solomon Burke, Kim Wilson, Sherman Robertson, and Junior Watson are just a few in recent years to have benefited from Gordon's exciting and unique sound. But now, for the first time on record, we have a chance to hear three-time W.C. Handy Award nominee Sax Gordon live and on the loose, doing his own thing. This recording captures the modern-day sax wildman in top form, blasting through a set that shows off the whole spectrum of extreme R&B sax sounds. Wild sax the way it should be, from the rockinest horn man on the planet today!

Live at the Sax Blast was recorded in September 2002, when Boston Blues Festival founder/director Greg Sarni presented two of today's greatest exponents of R&B saxophone in conjunction with his yearly festival. Topping the bill that night at the newly revitalized Regent Theater in Arlington, MA was the greatest living legend of honking sax, Big Jay McNeely himself. Appearing first, Boston's own contender in the screaming sax category, Sax Gordon Beadle. The excitement and energy of Gordon's opening set that night has been captured on Live at the Sax Blast.

"I been seeing Big Jay whenever I could but I never had to open a show for him before!" Gordon said when asked about performing before the greatest R&B sax honker the world has ever seen. The pressure doesn't seem to have done any harm as Gordon takes it to the limit, pushing the horn to the extremes right from the opening number until he treats the audience to the deep feeling of Melancholy Serenade, using extraordinary technique and control to conjure up the dark and dramatic mood that is the flip-side and oft-neglected part of the rockin' R&B sax tradition.

While many people think of the sax only as a Swing, Jump Blues, or Jazz instrument, Gordon's set shows a greater range of the instrument's possibilities. Tino's Dream and Walk With Me reflect the Soul/Gospel sound with soaring lines played with all the intensity of an impassioned Soul shouter. "I had to try Walk With Me after hearing a version by Texas preacher and Gospel sax player Dr. Vernard Johnson. I think it was only the second time the band played it but it came out pretty well. It sure helps to have such a great band to work with!" said Gordon about the top-shelf band of Boston/Rhode Island musicians that worked with him that night. Marty Ballou (bass), Marty Richards (drums) and Tom West (piano/organ) are all present on Gordon's highly acclaimed studio recordings while Chris "Stovall" Brown (guitar) is one of the first New England band leaders to have given Gordon a break when he came on the scene almost 20 years ago.

Other songs like DD Rider and FLA place the old R&B sax tradition into a newer, funkier context, while Gordon's signature originals Have Horn will Travel and That Little Town Rocks feature the straight-ahead honkin' and rockin' sound that will always be the trademark of R&B saxophone and Sax Gordon.


01 - The Chaser 01:20

02 - Dd Rider 06:43

03 - For Whom The Horn Honks 06:04

04 - Rock On 05:38

05 - Melancholy Serenade 06:30

06 - Banana Oil 05:21

07 - That Little Town Rocks 06:19

08 - Walk With Me 04:53

09 - Tino's Dream 06:19

10 - Have Horn Will Travel 05:30

11 - F L A 03:32

Sax Gordon here:

Thank you Bluesbeast for sharing this album!


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Irish Coffee 1972 Irish Coffee

Genre: Rock
Rate: 225 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:29
Size: 105,22 MB


Review by Richie Unterberger

Irish Coffee played unremarkable bluesy hard rock on this rare 1971 LP. Like so many late-'60s and early-'70s albums of this kind that never got a wide hearing, a weirdly tense, negative attitude was prevalent in the basic minor-keyed melodies, noodling guitars, churchy organ, despondent lyrics, and half-screamed descent-into-hell vocalizing. It's more mundane than menacing, although creating a troubled atmosphere seems to have been part of the intent. There's a little more of a good-time soul-rock feel on the two-part "The Show," with funkish wah-wah effects. Considering the obscurity of the original release, the 2002 CD reissue is woefully short of detail, with no liner notes or even listings of members of the band, though it does cite its original release as 1971 on Triangle Records, and says that all tracks were written by W. Souffreau and J. Van Der.


01 - Masterpiece 03:07

02 - Can't Take It 04:08

03 - The Beginning Of The End 06:22

04 - When Winter Comes 04:54

05 - The Show (Part I) 02:55

06 - The Show (Part II) 03:02

07 - Hear Me 04:04

08 - A Day Like Today 06:55

09 - I'm Lost 04:33

10 - Carry On 03:13

11 - Child 03:45

12 - Down Down Down 02:41

13 - I'm Alive 04:14

14 - Witchy Lady 02:58

15 - I'm Hers 04:38

Irish Coffee here:

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wentus Blues Band 1999 Hoy, Hoy!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:43
Size: 106,93 MB


A studiolive recording with the great PELLE LINDSTRÖM from Leksand, Sweden on harmonica and vocals. Due to the big success live that Wentus gained with Pelle this album was made to fulfil the needs of the audience. The album contains bluesnumbers that became live favourites in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. (


01 - 300 Pounds Of Joy 04:04

02 - The Things I Do For You 03:12

03 - The Man And The Dokey 03:16

04 - Gor My Mojo Working 05:59

05 - Mr. Cleanhead 06:15

06 - Linda Lou 04:42

07 - Keep Your Hands Off Her 04:01

08 - I'm Ready 03:05

09 - Same Thing 03:25

10 - New Orleans Woman 02:07

11 - Directly From My Heart 06:37

Wentus Blues Band here:

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers 1998 Switching Gears

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:57
Size: 132,56 MB

United States

Review by Scott Yanow

Guitarist-singer Jimmy Thackery's 1998 set stretches beyond the blues. A ferocious rockish guitarist with a vocal style that ranges from shouting to mellow, Thackery is easily the main star of his disc. However the other members of his Drivers are strong (Al Gamble on organ and piano, bassist Michael Patrick and drummer Mark Stutso), and there are features for guest accordionist Chubby Carrier on "Take Me With You When You Go" (a zydeco romp) and singer Reba Russell ("Dancing on Broken Glass") plus a helpful appearance apiece by Lonnie Brooks and Joe Louis Walker. From blues to rock with touches of zydeco, country, pop and folk, Thackery constantly stretches himself and gives the music his best.


01 - I've Got Other Plans 03:04

02 - Take Me With You When You Go 03:32

03 - Dancing On Broken Glass 03:59

04 - It's My Own Fault 06:34

05 - Monkey 03:56

06 - Roy's Blues 08:15

07 - I Wouldn't Change A Thing 05:58

08 - Write If You Find Love 05:26

09 - I Got To Be Strong 03:32

10 - Gin In The Morning 03:34

11 - Still Raining, Still Dreaming 06:06

12 - If This Is Love 03:08

13 - Still Raining, Still Dreaming (Reprise) 00:53

Jimmy Thackery here:

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The Gunn Runners Band 2005 License To Carry

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:16
Size: 103,57 MB

United States

First, the guitar theme ('Boca Grande') reminds us of the Outlaws. Then it is the same on 'Put your Money where your Mooth is', a real beautiful blues-rock with jazz atmosphere where Frankie Gunn, the guitarist, can show us nice solos full of feeling. Gunn Runners different musical influences bring them to a nice 'Can't you see' cover. Usually, I don't enjoy covers that are too far from the original songs; but here, I must admit that the way they play that song is really enjoyable and faithful to Toy Caldwell and Marshall Tucker Band big hit!

So, even if Gunn Runners won't be the band of the year, they are really good and deserve our attention on their album! (John Molet)


01 - Boca Grande 04:29

02 - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 02:43

03 - Can't You See 06:14

04 - Court Of Love 02:26

05 - Sandman 04:30

06 - Cold And Lonely 03:21

07 - Lay Your Bets Down 04:33

08 - Team Drink 02:50

09 - Wonderful Tonight 09:32

10 - With You 04:38

The Gunn Runners Band here:

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shane Dwight 2009 Plays The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 248 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:51
Size: 76,46 MB

United States

Album Notes

Shane Dwight PLAYS THE BLUES features ten original blues songs, the kind of high-octane performances that have made Shane a standout at countless festivals and clubs across the US and Europe.

Half of the tracks are live recordings, showing exactly what drives his legions of fans crazy night after night. Studio tracks (featuring guest appearances by Gold Record Producer and harmonica player Richard Rosenblatt, and Bob Margolin of Muddy Waters fame) show Shane to be a soulful blues singer, songwriter and guitarist of the highest order. "... In spite of 'old' influences, Shane Dwight is anything but dated ... Dwight hops up crowds wandering in from both hip-hop and rock clubs ... He's been known to incite the girls to crazy-wild behaviour." (Metro Silicon Valley)

Shane Dwight cut his teeth on the rough and tumble East Side of San Jose California, where his natural talents were influenced by the neighbourhood’s diverse musical undercurrents. He became proficient at various styles, and played in jazz and rock bands before finding his groove with the blues.


01 - Bad News Morning 03:02

02 - You're Gonna Want Me 03:22

03 - She's So Sweet 02:28

04 - Standing 03:37

05 - Have Some Of That 03:14

06 - High Time (Live) 05:17

07 - Pretty, Young And Mean (Live) 05:49

08 - Don't B" Flat (Live)" 02:58

09 - Ode To Albert (Live) 06:02

10 - Boogie King (Live) 08:02

Shane Dwight here:

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Wiener-Linien Blues-Band 1998 Drivin' (2nd)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:28
Size: 87,98 MB



01 - Hug You, Squeeze You 03:56

02 - Close To You 03:25

03 - Drivin' 02:30

04 - Since You Left Me 06:46

05 - Too Shy 03:29

06 - Guitar Hurricane 02:43

07 - That's Allright 03:00

08 - Listen To Your Footsteps 03:27

09 - Against The Law 05:19

10 - Bonus 03:53

Wiener-Linien Blues Band here:

Thank you Austrovox for sharing this album!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Leszek Winder 2001 Slaski Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:42
Size: 80,05 MB



Irek Dudek: harmonica
Leszek Winder: guitar, harmonica
Ziut Gralak: trumpet
Jerzy Kawalec: bass
Michal Giercuszkiewicz: drums
Rafal Rekosiewicz: hammond organ, piano
Andrzej Urny: guitar
Loco Richter: bass
Jan "Kyks" Skrzek: harmonica
Józef Skrzek: vocals, moog


01 - Blues Dla Siwickiego 06:12

02 - Blues Dla Okularnika 02:50

03 - Blues Dla Skiby 08:11

04 - Blues O Slonym Paluszku 03:59

05 - Blues O Smierci 06:12

06 - Michalkowickie Drzewo 07:25

07 - Blues W Lesniczowce 08:53

Leszek Winder here:

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B. B. & The Blues Shacks 2007 Reality Show

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:22
Size: 128,97 MB



01 - Stop My Baby 03:30

02 - I Can't Stop Watching 04:18

03 - Radio Esperanza 03:08

04 - The Last Shirt (...Got No Pockets) 06:10

05 - It Takes Time 03:50

06 - I Ain't Lyin' 04:21

07 - Big Bad Rider 04:01

08 - Should Be Mine 04:02

09 - Weather Girl 02:44

10 - The Mean One 03:57

11 - Sweet Temptation Blues 06:23

12 - Letter From My Baby 03:45

13 - Put A Thang On It 02:31

14 - Reality Show 03:42

B. B. & The Blues Shacks here:

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nightlosers 2004 Rhythm & Bulz

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 00:58:39
Size: 80,58 MB


NIGHTLOSERS are a Romanian ethno-blues band, mostly remarkable for their ability to find common roots between country-rock, American blues and Eastern Europe genuine folk, thus conveying the same message through complementary ways of expression. Their sound is chameleonic - to induce the rock/blues/ethno state of mind, the blend is a well-measured recipe with a bit of passion, a bit of subtle self-humour, a lot of technique in whatever device that produces some sort of sound, from overdriven guitar down to poplar leaf -- and a good dose of temper. They are having concerts all over Europe as well as in the USA.

Their repertoire of traditional blues grew organically on stage. It grew out of having some fun during a jam session. Their first tape, 'Sitting on top of the World', 1994, was influenced by traditional folk music; these influences were taken further with their first CD 'Plum Brandy Blues'. The project is also called 'The Groove Distillery' since they invited many guest musicians. These musicians used instruments like cimbalom, taragot (a type of clarinet), leaf, ceramic birds... This recording is a brilliant testimony to the soul of the band. A delicious mixture of blues and folk music from the Balkan area, with some jazzy-funky grooving on top, and a whole lot of humour. Nightlosers' music is full of surprises and original turns..


Hanno Höfer: guitars, harmonica,washboard, vocals
Octavian Barila Andreescu: bass
El Lako Jimy: guitars, violin, viola, talkbox
Ovidiu Condrea: drums
Geza Grunzo: keyboards


Nucu Pandrea: leaf, ceramic waterbirds
Pusztai Aladar: cimbalom


01 - Telephone Blues 04:06

02 - One Last Try 04:26

03 - Six Days On The Road 03:47

04 - Little Red Rooster 04:51

05 - Sophisticated Mama 03:56

06 - Ain't Coming Back 04:45

07 - Good Understanding 03:40

08 - Sporting Life 04:35

09 - Man Of Many Words 03:38

10 - If You Want Me To Love You 04:26

11 - Mind Your Own Business 03:17

12 - My Babe 03:09

13 - Petre Butch 02:22

14 - Nu Mai Plange Baby 03:29

15 - Dragostea-I Ca Si O Raie 04:12

Nightlosers here:

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La Moto - Rock Callejero 1996 Astral

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:42
Size: 37,29 MB



01 - Astral 02:54

02 - Quítate El Miedo 04:03

03 - Imágenes Fugaces 03:24

04 - Pibes De La Villa 02:48

05 - Noches Alegres Y Mañanas Tristes 03:22

06 - Un Blues Para Mi Vieja 03:42

07 - Multitrocha Booguie 03:48

08 - Solo Astoy 04:32

09 - Mortadela Y Pan 02:13

10 - Márchense De La Ciudad 03:00

11 - Isa El Chancho 02:59

12 - Tiren Las Armas Al Mar 03:57

La Moto - Rock Callejero here:



Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mama's Pit 2004 Rush Hour

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 02:08:05
Size: 292,99 MB


Italian band "Mama's Pit" had the honour to close this year's "Skopje Blues & Soul Festival" and they did it in style! The band had the audience jumping and asking for more with their brand of blues including classic blues and R&B material, some Stevie Ray Vaughan stuff, a couple of funky pearls, some rock memories of Janis Joplin and good vibrations in general which were greeted with excitement of music lovers. Five excellent individuals featuring excellent guitar player Alessio Menconi and exceptional vocals of Barbara Vulso made a party to remember. Barbara really tore the place apart with her performance which included material road-tested throughout countless European gigs. Perfect ending of a festival which has maintained its tendency of prosperity that says we can expect more exciting blues happenings in the near future! (Vasja Ivanovski)



01 - Barker's Voice 00:33

02 - Mister Evil 04:54

03 - Living In The Ghetto 04:04

04 - Before Recording 00:22

05 - The Way You Treated Me 03:49

06 - Street Choir 01:03

07 - You're Takin' Up Another Man's Place 04:44

08 - Keep Your Head Up 04:50

09 - Johnny Going To 01:20

10 - Mama's Pit 04:56

11 - The Thrill Is Gone 07:13

12 - Take Me To The River 04:38

13 - Mercedes Benz 01:56

14 - Little Wing 05:09

15 - What Should I Do 05:10

16 - Rock Me Baby 06:47


01 - Introduction 00:23

02 - Let The Good Time Roll 04:05

03 - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind 05:39

04 - Down Home Blues 06:03

05 - Hoochie Coochie Woman 05:04

06 - Piece Of My Heart 04:19

07 - Dr. Feelgood 03:23

08 - Scuttle Buttin' 03:00

09 - The Sky Is Crying 05:28

10 - Night Time Is The Right Time 03:46

11 - I'm Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues 08:12

12 - Born In Chicago 07:30

13 - A Good Fool Is Hard To Find 04:06

14 - Baby I Love You 05:39

Mama's Pit here:

Part1 Part2 Part3 (Accepts parallel downloads! No waiting!!)

Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3

Sax Gordon 1997 Have Horn Will Travel

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:47
Size: 132,23 MB

United States

Review by Cub Koda

Duke Robillard's sax player, Gordon Beadle aka Sax Gordon, comes to the plate with his debut album and delivers a disc with some true horn-honking wallop to it. Produced by Robillard and with essentially him and his band backing Gordon for this session, this is a fun album that's thoroughly grounded in older styles.

But at the same time, it's also informed with a strong sense of humour, and the performances have a contemporary sensibility, especially evident on the sing-talk vocal efforts "You Said She Wouldn't," "But Officer" and the title track. Gordon's tenor sax tone is as big as you could possibly ask for, invested with all the honking style hallmarks of greats like Gene Ammons, King Curtis, Joe Houston and Junior Walker. Gordon's originals are every bit as strong as any of the obscure jazz classics he chooses to interpret on this debut outing, making the biggest impression here. Another retro sax album? Guess again.


01 - Have Horn Will Travel 03:12

02 - For Whom The Horn Honks 04:29

03 - Melancholy Serenade 04:24

04 - DD Rider 05:08

05 - You Said She Wouldn't 04:35

06 - Waterbed Lou 05:24

07 - Hubcap Pete 03:41

08 - The Last Mile 04:29

09 - Squashy 03:08

10 - But Officer 03:56

11 - Heavy Soul 08:13

12 - Hallelujah 04:07

13 - Deep River 03:01

Sax Gordon here:

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Doyle Bramhall 2003 Fitchburg Street

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:24
Size: 59,55 MB

United States

Review by Mike Gowan

Doyle Bramhall began his music career on Fitchburg Street in Dallas, and on his album of the same name he applies a healthy slathering of Texas style to some rock, blues, and soul songs from his youth (and one of his own creations). It's a recipe for a raw, messy, and delicious delight for fans of rough-and-tumble bar band blues. Bramhall's style of Texas blues sounds a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughan, and with good reason: Bramhall influenced the Vaughan style, having co-wrote some of Vaughan's hits, including "Life by the Drop." While Vaughan played it as a soul-wrenching acoustic number on the posthumous The Sky Is Crying, Bramhall picks up the pace to make it a full-throttle rocker. Bramhall's voice is even reminiscent of Vaughan's on many tracks. His vocals are a joyful noise -- what he lacks in talent he makes up for with feeling. He sings with so much enthusiasm on "I'd Rather Be (Blind, Crippled & Crazy)" that you can't help but want to sing along.

As befits a Texas blues album, each song features excellent guitar work, and the star guitar belongs to Bramhall's son, Doyle Bramhall II. Doyle the younger plays a mean rhythm guitar and his tone often sounds stolen directly from Vaughan. His shuffle playing on John Lee Hooker's "Dimples" is a dead ringer for Vaughan, while his interpretation of the Band of Gypsies' "Changes" shows that he has some imagination and style of his own. Bramhall's son plays on four tracks, and they shine the most, although the other guitarists and numerous musicians on the album (Bramhall has a lot of friends, it seems) play as tightly as any veteran bar band, held together by Bramhall's solid drumming. The only exception comes on "Sugar (Where'd You Get Your Sugar From)," where Dave Sebree's sloppy slide goes a bit too far out of tune (try a second take next time, guys). But that small misstep can't taint this fun journey through Bramhall's musical memories.


01 - Dimples 04:06

02 - I'd Rather Be (Blind, Crippled & Crazy) 03:55

03 - Changes 05:58

04 - Life By The Drop 03:06

05 - That's How Strong My Love Is 04:16

06 - Baby, What You Want Me To Do? 04:11

07 - It Ain't No Use 04:29

08 - Maudie 03:31

09 - Forty Four 05:51

10 - Sugar (Where'd You Get Your Sugar From?) 04:01

Doyle Bramhall here:

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