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Friday, May 28, 2010

Fernando Noronha & Black Soul 2000 Blues From Hell

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:11
Size: 130,75 MB

Album Notes

"Explosive guitar work with melodic integrity. Fernando Noronha & Black Soul are forging a new twist towards paying homage to their Heros and in creating originality."
(Chris Duarte / USA)

"Noronha's singing is effective, his guitar playing is informed by SRV and Jimi, but not a cookie-cutter-copied from them. Noronha has ingested the lessons of earlier players. His slow blues shows nice touches of T-Bone, Buddy , and others amid its dynamic shifts" (Blues Revue Magazine / #81 Apr/May 2003 / USA)

"Brazilian guitarist Fernando Noronha shows us blues is an international language. Although unknown in the United States, Noronha has gained some notoriety in South America with his battered Fender Stratocaster and wickedly rocking blues. Practically every cut is a guitar workout, with Hammond B-3-for-hire Ron Levy on organ and production duties. Noronha sings soulfully in English (with a hit of Texas drawl yet) and sports a very good backing band. The music is mostly up-tempo, with the accent on guitar pyrotechnics. Fernando Noronha & Black Soul's third disc is a winner. Muy bueno!" (Bob Cianci - Blues Access Magazine - USA)

"What a great new Blues band. You would never know these guys were from Brazil. After listening to this disc I was blown away. They sound like they were born & raised in Texas. The CD itself has a major label sound quality produced by Ron Levy and is full of great tunes that flow perfectly together. It's hard to beleive this is an indie. Fernando is one of the best new blues rock guitarist I've heard in a while. He's got that SRV Texas tone down pat and his solo's are smokin' hot."
(STEVE ALBANESE - Two Guys Music / USA)

"Fernando Noronha is without question one of the best yet relatively unknown guitarists I have heard in many a day and his band is first rate as well, anchored by the most excellent bass guitar of Chico Preto and the solid percussion of Alexandre "Papel" Loureiro. Joining the band for this set is famed US keyboardist Ron Levy who not only adds his own brand of Hammond B-3 wizardry to the mix, but also doubles as producer. The end result of all of this is one of the freshest and most exciting recordings which has come along in some time. This is a very fine young band with a great future ahead of them."

"When we booked Fernando Noronha & Black Soul we had no idea about blues from Brasil. O.k. the cd they have sent to us was impressive, but blues must be live. I saw the band two times during the European tour, and two times I was excited. We were lucky that they want to record the live cd in our club The Gouden Leeuw in Dongen Holland. Because that was the reason for the band to work really hard (but I think they always do) They have a very good feeling how to play the blues, with individually strong musicians. Most songs they play where their own songs, and I love that, I like to hear some covers, but I have more respect for bands with their own material. Fernando is a real frontman he knows how to comunicate with the audience, not with his talking, but he has a real charisma. This is the fugitive for the blues a young band, hard working, creative musicians, lot of own songs, but with much respect for the old bluesmasters. I hope they can exist for a long time."
(PETER NOOTEN /Blues Promotion Dongen, Holland)

"To say it with historical words: They came, They saw, and They Won ! And how ! Those 4 Brasilian guys play the blues straight from the heart and as good as many of the Big Names in bluesland. We are looking forward to see them again in our club."
(Michel Hofkens, Willem Tell Bluesclub, Belgium)

"I feel so happy and proud when I see such a young band playing the blues so well" (B.B. KING)

"With all respect to the past, this group is forging their own identity into the future, it won't be long before they'll be playing everywhere else, kickin butt, taking no prisoners" (RON LEVY)

"This guitar player improved and put in his own songs a touch that would make the late Stevie Ray Vaughan very proud. (COVER GUITARRA)

"One of the most greatful surprises who have showed up in the brazilian musical scene" (COVER GUITARRA)

"Noronha opened the event with a vigorous sound. With a Stratocaster Fender he exploded with compositions of his two CDs. Not afraid of going deeper he conquered the audience with a magnificent technique, quick phrasing, excellent vibratos and bends and lots of feeling."

"The album shows an excellent sound, but what matters is that Fernando Noronha shows all his feeling when he plays the guitar. With his vigourous bends and vibratos, he is for sure, one of the great guitarrists of Brazil"

"Good surprise! Surprising by the maturity of the arrangements, this CD might set up a carrer which has everything to succeed... Something tell us that this will not be the only time we will be listening about Fernando Noronha and his Black Soul." (COVER GUITARRA)

On the road since 1995, Fernando Noronha & Black Soul have already played in several states of Brazil and countries like Argentina and Chile. They have also opened shows for stars like BB King, Buddy Guy and Jeff Healey and they have toured with Ron Levy and Phil Guy. In the year of 2000, the band released their third album called Blues From Hell, which was produced by the famous american organist Ron Levy, who also played a Hammond B3 in seven tracks of the CD. This album was elected by the media as the best work of the band so far. This strong success resulted in invitations for shows in Europe (the band played 8 gigs in Europe last october/2001, in countries like Spain, Belgium, Austria and Holland, where they recorded live their 4th album). On january 14th/2002, they had played in front of six thousand people at the I Festival Internacional de Jazz Providencia 2002, in Santiago/Chile, beside artists like Mike Stern and Cinthia Scott, ex-Ray Charle's backing vocalist. Experience, tours and talent, with this three words FN&BS have been showing a lot of fun and entertainment to the places where they have played their music. A contemporary and irresistible blues/rock and over 800 gigs in their history, the band has gathered a lot of friends and fans in many places. Check this energy on the stage and find out.


01 - Sugar Daddy 06:08

02 - I Wonder 05:11

03 - Moondog Boogie 03:05

04 - Clap Your Hands 04:33

05 - Pay Back 04:51

06 - Ain't That A Shame 07:10

07 - Blues From Hell 04:12

08 - Voodoo Girl 03:27

09 - Ride With Me 03:03

10 - Blues Been Good To Me 04:10

11 - Crazy Love 05:06

12 - Fat Cherry Lips 03:43

13 - Acid Trip 2000 02:32


Part1 Part2

Enjoy the music!


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