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Friday, September 23, 2011

Delta Highway 2007 The Devil Had A Woman

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:27
Size: 71,97 MB

United States

Memphis-based blues band Delta Highway is a fairly new unit, only coalescing as a band after 2003. This band’s music is pure living blues for modern times; it’s not rock-blues, soul-blues or any other hyphen-blues. The band features guitar, harp, organ/keys, bass and drums - no frills, just fine soulful ensemble blues playing. The band was originally formed by, and is centered on Brandon Santini (harp and vocals) and Justin Sulek (guitar). Both men were originally from the piedmont region of North Carolina, and came to Memphis in 2003 in order to absorb the blues sounds and history of the Mississippi delta region. Traditional sounds form the core of the Delta Highway’s sound, but the band doesn’t let their love of traditional blues forms stagnate them or tie their hands. They take the best of what makes the blues such a vital art form and merge it with their own sensibilities and ideas.

Santini is a fine young singer, possessing soulful, deep-toned vocals with a slight drawl which acts to enhance that soulfulness. At times his tone reminds me of Steve Guyger, at other times a grittier version of Noah Hunt (who you may know from his work with Kenny Wayne Sheppard) and at other times his phrasing is reminiscent of Paul Reddick’s. Brandon’s amplified harp tone is heavy, thick and warm - I hear influences ranging from Gary Primich to Mark Sallings to Jason Ricci, even some John Popper (but don’t let that scare you away if you’re not a Popper fan.) There’s a good chance that Santini will become a rising star in the world of blues harp players. Delta Highway’s rhythm section (at the time of this recording) consisted of bassist Paul Chase and drummer Steady Keven Eddy (Keven has played with both Mojo Buford and Blind Mississippi Morris). If I’m not mistaken, both men used to work with Jason Ricci, during Ricci’s Memphis/Mississippi days – prior to the formation of his New Blood band. Guitarist Justin Sulek is another young player you should keep your eyes on. He knows when to sit back and play to the songs, knows when to step up front, displays a nice tonal palette, and can really play that greasy, swampy North Mississippi/Memphis style well. Also, he know how to, and seem to enjoy, playing along with a harp player. Not all guitarists master this trick.

The band reminds me a lot of Paul Reddick’s band in his 1990s ‘Sidemen’ days, but with a growly drawl channeling Memphis grit and Mississippi Hill Country feel. Brandon has a style of vocal and harmonica phrasing that reminds me very much of Reddick’s work (this should be considered a compliment), although his vocal tone is different that Paul’s vocal tone. Personally, I think this band has tremendous potential. In fact, I’m not the only one who is thinking that way – Delta Highway was nominated for the 2009 Blues Music Award in the Best New Debut Artist category. That is high praise, indeed. (


01 - 23 Hours 04:54

02 - Devil Had A Woman 04:19

03 - Feelin' Bad 07:04

04 - We Got A Thang Goin' On 05:41

05 - Got To Be On My Way 03:13

06 - Funky Little Baby 03:22

07 - Shake It Just A Little Bit 03:30

08 - Somebody's Got To Go 05:17

09 - I Want You To Know 04:33

10 - Goin' Home 10:34

Delta Highway here:

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