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Monday, March 4, 2013

Bullfrog Blues Machine 2003 Blue Tattoo

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:01
Size: 130,12 MB


This Dutch blues band is Hans Klerken Guitar and Vox, Chris Janssen, Bass, Mark Spronk, keyboard, and Harry Steverink on percussion. They are more than just an above average band, they are high quality musicians.

This excellent CD starts with a Chicago … read Buddy Guy …. styled 12 bar called Who's Foolin'Who. This has guest harmonica player Ben Bouman with his tasty fills throughout. It's an excellent opening gambit by the band. Then to follow comes To Tame a Wild Horse , with a Stevie Ray Vaughan style intro although with a subtle Albert Collins feel. The rhythm is excellent on this song leading to Mark Spronk's piano short solo giving way to Hans and his brilliant guitar break.

Another Stevie Ray intro takes us into Just Take Care , another nice song with Ben Boumans harp sounding sweet. The title I Cant Quit You Baby might have been used before for another song by a different artist but this one stands on it's own merits. Chris Janssen's superb bass groove throughout this number supports a melodic and riffy progression with good vocals and a nice addition of Hammond flavoured keyboards The sonic width is full and showcases Hans' guitar skills very well indeed.

Klaus Van Boekel and his formidable percussion introduces John's Beer Barn a light-hearted but highly rhythmic number dedicated to a supporter of the band who happens to be a highly skilled brewer of delicious beers! It's a good song too. The next song is one of those strange rhythms like the Rhubarb cartoon character theme! This is Don't Look Back but don't read this comment as a detrimental remark as it's really a nice and enjoyable number from this highly competent band.

The composition, Change Your Ways is a down and dirty minor key blues….C-minor actually. In parts there are shades of Red House in this face contorting Blues. The intro from Hans' guitar is top notch and exactly what blues is all about. The blues groove is carried well by Chris and Harry and goes “right down in the alley!” where the very best blusers go! This song is one of the highlights of this CD tremendous! The mood changes to a more lively style with a brass section on Simple Life . This is more of big blues band style and very well played, maybe as Otis Grand might play the blues. The brass section is The Hectic Horns.

Boogie Man is a straight boogie, slightly hotter than John Lee Hooker would play, maybe more in the style of ZZ Top, slightly more Texan sounding. Ben Bouman's harp sounds good on this boogie at the mid way point. The slide blues Laid Back is exactly that in name and by nature! Texas flavoured slide and a good bass line. The tone of Hans's guitar is fabulous either with slide or picked and fretted normally. This song is almost seven minutes of listening pleasure ending with Mark Spronk's piano playing a similar outro to the Bad Company theme from the 1970's Paul Rodger's band.

Funky guitar rhythm in a 12 bar format introduces Born with the Blues . Hammond styled keyboards over the rhythm of Harry's concise drumming and Chris' occasionally thumb-slapped bass. Choppy and dramatic, it's another worthy addition to this fine album of blues songs. Same with Pay It Back , a rhythm crossed between Foxy Lady and Love Potion Number 9 goes on for some time before the Hammond styled keyboards lead to a Stevie Ray Vaughan styled funky jazz kinda blues guitar solo giving way to an electric piano solo almost in the Blues Brothers back yard. Chris Janssen and Harry Steverink maintain the “lounge band” groove till the band fades out.

This is a good quality album in every way. Hugely enjoyable. My wife likes this one and usually if she likes a CD it will be good. She liked this right from the first play. The signs are that we will be listening to a lot of The Bullfrog Blues Machine in the future! I like the CD too; it's a good groove and has variety in a traditional way. This band is a shining example of the booming blues scene in Holland . They are among many blues bands in The Netherlands but I think this band sit close to the top of the tree. This CD is highly recommended. (Steve Lally)


01 - Who's Fooling Who 03:37

02 - To Tame A Wild Horse 03:37

03 - Just Take Care 03:55

04 - I Can't Quit You Baby 04:30

05 - John's Barn Beer 04:54

06 - Don't Look Back 05:21

07 - Change Your Ways 07:31

08 - Simple Life 03:16

09 - Boogie Man 04:00

10 - Laid Back 06:54

11 - Born With The Blues 04:05

12 - Pay It Back 07:21

Bullfrog Blues Machine here:




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