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Monday, April 6, 2015

Dirk Hamilton 1978 Meet Me At The Crux

Genre: Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:54
Size: 63,93 MB

United States

Great lyrics - Jackson Browne with equal parts Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and early Springsteen. Rocking sound - think early Van Morrision crossed with John Prine and John Hiatt. I love all of these artists, but they still don't adequately describe Dirk's music.

They're only reference points for you - this is a wild ride thru some unique territory, from the opener "Mouth Full Of Suck" (about the vampire-like people we all know and hate), through the bite of "Tell-A-Vision Time" ("You don't really wanna talk, ya just want friendly monkey noise") and the insanity of the battle tune that is "How Do You Fight Fire" to the bliss of self-awareness in "Every Inch A Moon".

Check out the lyrics on Dirk's website But this album can only be properly experienced in its entirety, over time, as it grabs you with constantly unfolding new delights. Long unavailable on cd - grab it if you like Van or Bruce or great lyrics or ... pleasant surprises. You say there's no good music anymore? Hey, it all comes down to you! (Brickbats)


01 - Mouth Full Of Suck 04:46

02 - Billboard On The Moon 04:50

03 - All In All 03:27

04 - Welcome To Toyland 03:18

05 - Tell A Vision Time 04:12

06 - Heroes Of The Night 03:20

07 - Meet Me At The Crux 05:19

08 - Do You Fight Fire 06:34

09 - Every Inch A Moon 05:52

10 - The Condo Rows 03:05

11 - Don't Laugh At Me Louse 06:13

12 - Santa Cruz Mountain Monologue 04:58

Dirk Hamilton here:



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