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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hot Rod & The Blues Devilles 2005 Built For Comfort

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:26
Size: 76,47 MB

United States

Rockin Midwestern blues at it's finest. Soulful vocals, driving grooves, blistering guitar. With influences like Buddy Miles, Hendrix, and The Allman Bros, it's a mix of old with new. A stylistic journey into blues and roots. (cdbaby)

Album Notes

In an age of cookie cutter styles, raging guitar solos, and overblown stage theatrics it is still refreshing to hear and see an artist play with the music and for the music. Rod Cave is one such artist. Driven by his passion to make original music and stay within the demanding and discipline realm of the blues, he formed the "Blues DeVilles" at the end of 2000. Rod, already known in the Ohio area for his tasteful guitar and soulful vocal style from previous years and bands, started a year long search for the right combination of musicians. The end result was "King Steve" Walker. A young Hammond B-3 and piano player whose ability and feel far outweighed his youth. ( being a protégé' of Tony Z. from Buddy Guy's band didn't hurt either.) Daryl "TuTu" Jumper. A veteran drummer of the regional blues scene whose hard driving yet tasteful style fit the band like a glove. TuTu is a well-rounded musician whose credits include stints with The Ballet Met, and National acts like Kenny Neal and KoKo Taylor. His vocal ability helps put the band in a class with few others. Manny Manuel. Relocating to Ohio from Louisiana, Manny was itching to continue his musical pursuits. After hooking up with a local band on drums and winning the Columbus Blues Alliance Best Blues Band competition he decide to switch to his main instrument-the Bass and look for greener pastures. Destination-Blues DeVilles. Individually, these musicians are all very accomplished. But collectively is where they really shine. Four instruments turned into one voice. Their covers of blues songs and most importantly their original songs show the inventiveness and creativity of the group as a whole. The arrangements are tight and true to the song without sounding trite and always sounding alive and contemporary. Their original material takes on a whole new flavor, rooted in the blues, but stretching the boundaries in all directions. Live is where you realize the power of their show visually. The emotion and commitment are obvious, not contrived or rehearsed. Their audience always gets all the band has to give, on any night...


01 - Little By Little 02:58

02 - Remember The Day 02:44

03 - That Knife Don't Cut 03:27

04 - Givin It Up 03:13

05 - Change My Mind 02:38

06 - Treat Me So Low 02:29

07 - Need Your Love 04:07

08 - Cheaper To Keep Her 04:20

09 - After Hours 07:30

Hot Rod & The Blues Devilles here:




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