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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Perry Ostrin 2012 Better Than Planned

Genre: Blues-Rock
Time: 00:51:01

United States

Perry Ostrin contacted me @facebook and asked me if I could review his brand new solo album or play some tracks here. Read the complete conversation here:

hey my first album under my own name is available via digital download & was wondering if u can review, mention or play a cut on your blog?
i used to drum for slide blues guitarist eric sardinas. being a drummer it consists of solo drum pieces mixed with 6 different improvised & jam oriented guitar power trios. we went for the hendrix, jeff beck approach. i can email u mp3's as well. thx for reading

Perry Ostrin also sent me some tracks for free, which I will offer you here.

Album Notes

This is my first record as a leader. Although I've had this idea kicking around for a few years now to get together some of my favourite musicians, get them in a studio I love to work in (that's also right near my apt), jam & improvise live off the floor and capture some magic in the moment I have to thank my pal Adam Topol for bringing up this subject of doing a solo record. He got me fired up to make this happen and five days later I did my first session & three weeks later this record was done.. I also wanted to feature myself soloing creatively not in a wanking, showoff kinda way & have those two elements meshed together.

The drum pieces were all improvised live with no structure in mind except knowing what the particular samples would be ahead of time. The band tracks are rooted in different grooves, styles, tempos & keys on each track. We had no idea what we were going to play or how to approach it till we were rolling. There are no overdubs & everything was played live. The title of the album came from a podcast I was listening to while recording this stuff where Vernon Reid (of living colour) was talking about not always having set plans, leaving room for happy accidents & spontaneity (hear intro to title track) while being creative & it mirrored the approach the way the music on here was being made. Also the choice of the cover photo keeps in line of this theme as well.

This record is dedicated to three close friends & amazing musicians who taught me so much & made me laugh even more. Mike Dunnigan, Dan Morris, & Doug Fieger R.I.P. to you guys!


01 - Better Than Planned 04:36

02 - Hello Venice 06:58

03 - Solo Drum Piece # 1 (Effects) 02:02

04 - Trudging Down The Road 06:35

05 - Lanois Meets Lynch 07:46

06 - Solo Drum Piece # 2 (Make It Crispy) 02:37

07 - Outerstellar Underdrive 06:47

08 - Solo Drum Piece # 3 (Steeleye Pan Interlude) 01:16

09 - Yeshaa! 10:44

10 - Solo Drum Piece # 4 (A Call To Prayer) 01:40

Perry Ostrin here:



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