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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cameo Blues Band 2006 All Play And No Work

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:13:12
Size: 117,24 MB


A friend first brought me to the Cameo Lounge at the Hotel Isabella in 1979. He wanted me to hear this great piano and B3 player he had discovered. I was knocked out then as I still am by Ray Harrison’s incessant and driving left hand and idiosyncratic right hand figures. I feel it is shameful that the Cameos never recorded a studio album, and set about to rectify this omission in Toronto’s recorded Blues history.

The performance of Linda Lu says it all for me and is a classic Cameo cut. As in all these recordings Ray was playing and singing at the same time and all tracks went down together, in the same room. Only Ray can sing a line such as ... "all because of that Chick..." with such relish and get away with it.

With the CDs I produce, I like to capture some drama. In this case, we decided to invite three other Cameo singers to represent a little of the lineage of the band and to add to what quickly became a celebration. Special guests were added. Freddie Keeler (The Shays) is one of Ray Harrison’s favourite guitar players. Michael Fonfara jumped at the chance to record with Ray as they had never played together. Terry Blersh was on hand and sat in with the band as the spirit caught him. I left the false start to the beginning of John’s ‘Why Can’t You be Happy’ as an example of how spontaneous these unrehearsed sessions were. That was about as much as was said about any of these tunes and most of the keeper takes were the first, or even the run-throughs. Listen to Mike Sloski’s drums on ‘Kind Hearted Woman’ and that unbelievably slow tempo he sets. The tuba was one of the few overdubs on the record, as that feel seemed to cry out for tuba after we had recorded the track.

I love all of J.B.‘s guitar solos but the ones in ‘Rockin’ My Life’ and ’Chicago’ are vintage Bride. Surely he is one of the country's finest blues guitar players.

Thanks for your support of Indie music production. (Lance Anderson - the instigator)


Ray Harrison - piano and Hammond B3
John Dickie, Chuck Jackson, Malcolm Tomlinson, Walter Zwol - vocals
John Bride - guitar
Tom Griffiths - bass
Michael Sloski - drums

with special guests

Michael Fonfara - Hammond B3 and piano
Freddie Keeler,Terry Blersh - guitar
Lary Sheilds - tuba


01 - Linda Lu 05:14

02 - Wide-Assed Groove 04:47

03 - Crossroads 05:34

04 - Piston Poppin' Queen 05:44

05 - The Walk 03:35

06 - Highway 61 04:20

07 - Rockin' My Life Away 05:23

08 - Yah Yah 04:09

09 - Kind Hearted Woman 05:53

10 - Who's Been Making Love 03:20

11 - You Can't Sit Down 03:04

12 - Going To Chicago 06:49

13 - Why Can't You Be Happy 05:18

14 - Mercury Blues 04:09

15 - Kansas City 05:53

Cameo Blues Band here:




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