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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Frumpy 1995 Ninetyfive

Genre: Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:07
Size: 64,96 MB


"Live Ninety-Five" was recorded at their famous hunting ground, Hamburg's "Fabrik" in 1995. It's basically a reunion concert with a classic and best line-up. All the eleven tracks performed and recorded here are basically accessible tracks for most people. So please do not imagine that this is a truly prog music live performance. I really enjoy spinning this CD because the live vibes are good and also the sonic quality is excellent. Inga Rumpf still performs her best singing with a blues-tinged voice. She is really a great singer and I never find any singer similar to her voice. The music offered right here with this live album is basically R&B but with rocking keyboard / organ and guitar work that represent the classic rock style. That's basically the beauty of all songs performed here.

Take the opening track "Loverman" (4:33) which starts off through a funky / groove style rhythm section but it's nicely overlaid with pulsating keyboard / organ work by Kravetz. The organ solo is really excellent. The following tracks "Get Together", "Amazone Dreams" (4:47) and "In And Out Of Studios" (3:55) continue the same style as the opening track. All of them are good songs and very enjoyable. In addition to Kravetz, Rainer Baumann delivers his stunning classic rock guitar style.

"How The Gipsy Was Born" (9:14) is an excellent song with soaring organ sound at the opening part which later bring the music into a bluesy style with powerful Inga Rumpf 's voice. The song is pretty rewarding to enjoy as it flows naturally from start to end with organ and guitar sounds in intertwined style. The guitar solo in the middle of the track is really stunning and it reminds us to the classic rock style. The other track which also stands out is "Come On" (5:46) followed with my all-time favorite which I have almost forgotten: "Friends" (9:02). "Friends" starts off with simple drum work followed with nice music that brings into R&B style. The organ provides great solo and continued with guitar solo. As usual, Inga Rumpf voice is really excellent and has made the song truly attractive. I always repeat this song many times. The concluding track "Backwater Blues" (7:52) is also excellent. (Gatot)


01 - Loverman 04:32

02 - Get Together 05:56

03 - Amazone Dreams 04:52

04 - In And Out Of Studios 04:01

05 - How The Gipsy Was Born 09:10

06 - When I Fall In Love 05:31

07 - Everyday Song 08:41

08 - Come On 05:54

09 - Friends 09:00

10 - Dreams Come True 05:36

11 - Backwater Blues 07:54

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