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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michael Katon 1992 Get On The Boogie Train

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 00:57:59
Size: 132,69 MB

United States

No-one rocks the Blues like Michael Katon. This release was the album that really kick-started Michaels career and let the world know that a new Guitar hero was on the prowl. Opening Instrumental "Wake up Call" does just that. It will Wake you up and get your head banging to this wild driving Boogie. As one other reviewer pointed out, there are some average (Filler) tracks on here, and this is the case with most Katon albums. I deduct one star for this reason alone. There will also be plenty of Cliched macho lyrics about whisky, hard living etc to boot, but at the same time, Michael always has a great sense of humour, and more importantly, a great love for his music.

Other favourites on the album is the title track "Boogie Train". It starts with a slow teasing boogie riff and a wispy vocal, and then climaxes into a thunderous loud heavy boogie and continues throughout with a pulsating beat. "Rock me till the hounds come home" is another great rocker. "Every girl I see" i had only previously heard from similar Aussie Blues Boogie merchant , Dave Hole, but Michaels version tops that one hands down. Finally, check out "Roadtested". Here is another out and out Boogie Rocker that starts with the Elmore James Trademark Slide Intro (i.e. Dust my Broom etc) and then Michael makes it his own song. Nice slow heavy Blues also feature on the album. Michael regularly did Acoustic sessions on U.K. Radio with Bob Harris, Richard Skinner etc and played this track acoustically as well as "Stop breaking down" etc.

I sometimes think though that Michael, after numerous heavy Boogie albums, and they are getting heavier and louder with each release, should go back to his roots and deliver an album of traditional blues of his influences and heroes. Maybe more Blues enthusiasts would then take him seriously.


01 - Wake Up Call 02:50

02 - Junior Keep On Walkin' 04:44

03 - Get On The Boogie Train 05:07

04 - You Can Run But You Can't Hide 03:56

05 - Put My Blues Back On 04:35

06 - Where The Wild Ones Go 04:59

07 - Roadtested 04:06

08 - Cadillac Assembly Line 03:45

09 - Every Girl I See 05:25

10 - Walkin' Blues 04:14

11 - The Water Won't Boil 05:41

12 - Rock Me 'till The Hounds Come Home 05:23

13 - Love Hoo Doo 03:14

Michael Katon here:



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