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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sista Monica 1997 Sista Monica

Genre: Blues
Rate: 280 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:55
Size: 123,29 MB

United States

Gifted vocalist Monica Parker is at her best when she relaxes and lets her talent flow naturally. Here, though, she is placed in contexts that favor aggression over subtlety.... The opener is a roadhouse flag-waver shot through with a searing, metallic guitar line and embellished by ballsy horn riffs.... Monica's roaring vocal navigates the melodic terrain with grace and dexterity, but her emotional range is strictly one-note.... The a cappella gospel closer, a heartfelt tribute to inspiration and faith, shows off Monica's voice at its most expressive and pristine; it's another indication that she is a gifted singer.... (Living Blues)


01 - What Difference Does It Make 03:59

02 - Sista Don't Play 04:24

03 - I'm Falling Anyway 04:04

04 - How Long Does It Take 05:13

05 - Festival Time Boogie 03:43

06 - Stop Talkin' About Me Stalkin' You 04:37

07 - Never Say Never 04:53

08 - I Been Bamboozled! 03:41

09 - I Don't Want To Hurt You Baby 06:31

10 - Don't Come Around 04:02

11 - Where Is My Teddy [Dance Jam] 07:22

12 - Where Is My Teddy [Radio Edit] 03:50

13 - I'm Unhappy You're Unhappy With Me 04:20

14 - Amazong Grace - Motherless Child 03:16

Sista Monica here:



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