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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Stranded Cruiser 2015 Pretty, Fantastic

Whitby Garage-punk band Stranded Cruiser are officially releasing their debut album 'Pretty, Fantastic' on October 30th. An album release show is coming in November, details on their way soon.

Taking a little taste of punk and rock 'n' roll, the band has been refining garage music since 2011. Most notably, Stranded Cruiser’s performances release aggression and rage in an unapologetic manner. Not everything can be blissful and there needs to be people to yell about it.

Stranded Cruiser has been steadily building a following in the local independent music scene for almost five years due to the support of an audience sharing similar DIY ideals. The band continues to captivate audiences throughout Toronto and the GTA with its raw power.

'Pretty, Fantastic' is an album capturing several years of blood, sweat and tears for Stranded Cruiser. The energy evident throughout reinforces their crazy and wild attitude on stage. Opening the album is the catchy, guitar-riff based ‘Shark Tank’, which criticizes the state of modern music with pained melodies over a sporadic rhythm section. 'Fuck'n Real' seizes the youthful audience and swings them through soft verses and waves of noise in the chorus. Songs like ‘Another Misery’ and ‘Mother Abbey’ are classic punk rock that give you that familiar teenage angst feel. It's easy to identify the influences of Pixies, Fugazi, Cage the Elephant, and Iggy Pop on this album. Stranded Cruiser has tweaked the garage rock formula just enough to sound new again, and there stage show takes it to a whole new level.

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