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Monday, November 30, 2015

Support Rate Your Music Through Indiegogo Campaign!

Sonemic, Cinemos, and Glitchwave are three new websites focused on discovering music, films, and video games. These sites are the next generation of Rate Your Music. Collectively, they are named the Sonemic network.

Our mission is to build and maintain incredibly detailed music, film and game databases - and then, to provide as many ways as possible to dive into these databases and discover the best albums/songs/films/games from every angle.

What's the best French-language rock release with electronic influences? Greatest console RPG of the 00s set in space? These sites are designed with the goal of answering any question that can help you find something new to watch, play, or listen to.

If you aren't familiar with our work - we are the team behind, the comprehensive music database and community. This project is about building and launching a vastly-improved version, as well as a film- and game-equivalent.

For those who already use Rate Your Music regularly, you will love these new sites. We've listened to your feedback and have been working on the most requested improvements, including the addition of 7 of the 10 most requested features.

The final step of launching the Sonemic network is building servers and infrastructure, contracting some non-development tasks, and committing to a final development cycle. This last phase requires a considerable amount of money to put everything into place, and we need your help! Please consider being a part of our launch by giving in this campaign.

Please check out the campaign and help out if you can; every small donation helps!

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