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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jas Patrick 2015 Inky Ovine

Here is the bluesy Americana magic of Nashville's Jas Patrick. Wholly authentic and stripped back to the core Jas Patrick has already been able to snag endorsements from a variety of gear companies. Bringing in touches of British rock to accentuate an already iconoclastic sound, his new record, Inky Ovine, is the product of years of hard work – marking Jas Patrick's greatest statement to date.

Having started playing drums when he was four years old, Jas Patrick was already on the road at the tender age of 18. Nowadays he runs his own label, Tiny Lion Records, with his wife. DIY to the core and wholly dedicated to an earthy rock sound Jas Patrick understands the spirit of the music and when he unleashes his potent sounds it is impossible to deny their sonic triumph.


Jas Patrick: guitar, drums, piano



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