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Monday, October 25, 2010

Buddy Whittington 2007 Buddy Whittington

If some one asked me for one CD that embodies the sound of Texas Blues today, I would not hesitate to hand them Buddy Whittington, the long awaited solo release from the Texas guitarist. Rollicking AND melodic, with thoughtful and thought provoking lyrics delivered by strong, honest vocals. I’m serious – if you love Texas Blues, hell, if you just love Texas, this is one CD you have to own.

There are ten cuts here – nine of Buddy’s own songs and a well-chosen cover of Billy Gibbons’ “Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell”. Whittington chose an outstanding group of musicians to join him in the studio. Together they form a tight, clean canvas for Buddy to paint his heartfelt vocals and giant Lone Star State guitar talent all over. The CD kicks off with the rocking “Young and Dumb,” an honest tale of the perils and delights of growing up and playing the blues in Fort Worth. “Pay the Band” could be the anthem of every poor working stiff among us, breaking our backs daily just to make the futile attempt to get even financially.

“Stevie Rave On” pays homage to the man and the legend, and is the most straightforward, honest and celebratory tribute to Stevie I’ve heard since Jimmie’s own “Six Strings Down”.

Lyrically, my favourite cut is the chilling “Minor Blues”. Early blues were often political in content. Now artists tend to back away from being too political for fear of offending the spending public. Buddy has no such qualm here, addressing global warming, drug abuse, gangs, unwatched and unloved kids growing up in the streets, overcrowded jails – realities of the world that should give everyone the blues.

Whittington is one of the most down to earth, friendly men you could ever want to meet. A regular guy. Simply a man whose decision to play the blues has taken him around the world and whose talents landed him the much-coveted guitarist spot with John Mayall. Buddy good naturedly pokes a little fun at his position in the hilarious “Second Banana” – ‘May not be the fairest in the land, but if you need the get done, baby, I’m your man’. Everything from serving as referee between wife and girlfriend and tracking lost luggage to fixing amps, setting up gear and backing up the front man. All the while admitting ‘There ain’t much of a market for good old boys like me, cause when the lights comes on, we’re not the one’s you paid to see’.

These are the only lyrics of Buddy’s I disagree with. There’s LOTS of a market for good old boys like Buddy. The world would be a much better place with more of them. And, the blues are better for his excellent contribution to them on Buddy Whittington. (Blue Lisa - Southwest Blues CD Review - November 2007)


01 - Young & Dumb

02 - Pay The Band

03 - Minor Blues

04 - Stevie Rave On

05 - Second Banana

06 – Greenwood

07 - Can't Be Good For Me

08 - Romance Classified

09 - Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell

10 - Every Goodbye Ain't Gone




Enjoy the music!

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