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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Luther Allison 1984 Life Is A Bitch

This CD is of course one of the best ways to know and understand why Luther Allison was considered one of the best blues performers. All the interpretations here are true, intense, that seems to become from the deep down of his soul. Luther's linkage with soul music is constantly in the whole album. The guitar riffs, absolutely fantastic!!! This is really a "Serious" work!!! The vocals are strong enough to put all of us in a kind of catarsis, difficult to explain... A masterpiece album, of this authentic bluesman, that need to be knowed better, much better!!! This is music for lovers........, so try "Just Memories", and feel all the sensuality in the air. "Parking Lot" is a Rolling Stones revisited tune. Serious, Serious in all the ways!!! (Amazon)


01 - Backtrack

02 - Life Is A Bitch

03 - Reaching Out

04 - Parking Lot

05 - Serious

06 - Just Memories

07 - Should I Wait

08 - Let's Try It Again

09 - We're On The Road



Enjoy the music!


Power said...

If able could you re upload this gem.

SouthernBluesRock said...

please visit the follow up project, which has Luther Allison posts too, much of them in a higher bitrate:

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