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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cafe R & B 2003 Blues And All The Rest

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:24
Size: 126,74 MB

Album Notes

Roach's rich soprano can ascend in a heartbeat from a meow to a whorehouse mama's bellow without sacrificing accuracy or nuance. Her purrs smolder with pent-up power; her midrange belting is whiskey-coarse but unerringly melodic; even her most audacious upper-register shreiks sound unforced. Like a Jazz singer, she often sound as if she's thinking in triplets; even when she's bucking a thunderous shuffle or rock 'n' roll boogie, she'll dip insinusting in to whatever spaces she can find between the beats, then grab the rhythm again and ride it, wailing and testifying to it's conclusion. On their most recent release, Blues and all the Rest, Roach sounds more torrid than ever. The most riviting track "Something Down", is a country-folk lament with Memphis overtones that masterfully involks the existential displacement of true heartbreak. Roach's voice starts out silky, slowly aquires a wounded edge, and ultimately explodes into a wail of desolation past caring. (Chicago Reader)


01 - Our Town 05:02

02 - I Get Higher 03:41

03 - Born Under A Bad Sign 04:51

04 - Snatch It Back And Hold It 04:52

05 - How Long Blues 03:51

06 - My Love 05:37

07 - WPW 04:03

08 - My Tears 05:36

09 - My Baby 05:28

10 - Killing Floor 06:41

11 - Something Down 05:42

Cafe R & B here:

On request of the artist all download-links removed

Enjoy the music!

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