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Monday, January 31, 2011

James & Lucky Peterson 2004 If You Can't Fix It

Genre: Blues
Rate: 238 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:31
Size: 86,63 MB

United States

James & Lucky Peterson's If You Can't Fix It is the first full-length collaboration by the father and son bluesmen. Neither man overshadows the other, as they take turns showcasing their own songs and each man's uniformly fine guitar playing. The best track by far is James' fiery "Cripple Man," one of his most passionate and driven performances in years, on a song that has the potential to become a modern Chicago-style blues standard. Lucky's standout is the epic "Too Young to Die," which evolves into an extended guitar duel between father and son.


01 - Strange Things Happenin' Every Day 04:30

02 - Time To Go 04:28

03 - Cripple Man 05:01

04 - Somewere In Between 04:57

05 - If You Can't Fix It 05:31

06 - Never Take Sand To Te Beach 04:09

07 - Get Down 06:30

08 - Too Young To Die 07:41

09 - Don't Give The Devil No Ground 03:41

10 - More Hrm Than Good 04:03

James & Lucky Peterson here:

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