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Friday, January 7, 2011

Eela Craig 1976 One Niter

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:44
Size: 104,62 MB

Review by loserboy

"One Niter" is widely regarded as their best album and stands up IMHO as one tremendous pieces of symphonic progressive rock. This album was actually their second release and followed a 5 year delay after the release of their classic debut album. This album is essentially made up of two side-long conceptual tracks ("Circles" and "One Niter Medley").

The music of EELA CRAIG is very much keyboard centric featuring a wide host of keyboards with lots of mellotron. EELA CRAIG play serene yet majestic and hauntingly beautiful themes with lots of Mellotron, flute, symphonic string synths and killer guitar work. The vocals are also well done and float along with the music in a very similar vein to that of CAMEL. On "One Niter", EELA CRAIG also blend in some slight funk-like themes into the symphonic fog and gives the listener something quite original to listen to.


01 - Circles - The Mighty 05:38

02 - Circles - The Nude 01:59

03 - Circles - The Curse 05:02

04 - Circles - The Blessed 01:22

05 - Loner's Rhyme 09:21

06 - One Niter Medley - Benedictus 01:53

07 - One Niter Medley - Fuge 00:47

08 - One Niter Medley - V.A.T. 03:15

09 - One Niter Medley - Morning 01:57

10 - One Niter Medley - One Niter 03:25

11 - Venezuela 03:34

12 - Way Down 07:31

Eela Craig here:

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