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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Nice 1968 The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:44
Size: 46,34 MB

United Kingdom

Review by Evolver

The first album by The Nice is their only studio album with founding guitarist David O'List. In a way, it actually helped their sound to have another instrument to temper Keith Emerson's keyboards. And the album is quite progressive for it's time (1967). While there is only a hint of what Emerson will eventually do with ELP, I'd still call it progressive.

As on any album by The Nice, Lee Jackson's vocals can be annoying. At least he only uses that drunken barroom voice sparingly.

The title track is interesting, if only for the 60's flower child vocals on the intro. It's fun to picture Emerson (who is credited for background vocals) singing along. Then there's Rondo. While I like the song somewhat, I wish they had had the courtesy to credit Dave Brubeck with the composition (and turned it into a 4/4 song).

War And Peace is a cool, blues rock jam, but Emerson seems to have gotten short changed in the mix. His keyboards are waaaay in the background at times.

The rest of the songs are primarily sixties psychedelic, with Emerson's flourishes adding a slight symphonic prog flavor.


01 - Flower King Of Flies 03:21

02 - The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack 02:50

03 - Bonnie K 03:25

04 - Rondo 08:24

05 - War And Peace 05:16

06 - Tantalising Maggie 04:37

07 - Dawn 05:19

08 - The Cry Of Eugene 04:37

09 - Azrial (Angel Of Death) 03:46

10 - America - Adapted From 'West Side Story' 06:21

11 - The Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon 02:48

The Nice here:

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