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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Idlewilde 2008 Black Snake

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:42
Size: 134,31 MB

United States

Some Tomorrow – Written in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the lyrics delve into the story of one poor soul who was down on his luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, yet finding redemption in the human spirit. This road trip is classic Southern Rock at the cross roads of the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jon shows us that the “One Man Guitar Army” can still take on all comers!

Down this Road Before – Classic Blues in the Style of Muddy Waters, this is Idlewilde’s definitive take on the subject of Chicago Blues. Awesome Hammond solo by Denny, tasty Tele licks by Jon and a Smokin’ Hot harp solo by Phil put the Jalapeño sauce on these juicy Chicago ribs!

Aftermath Suite, Movement 1- “Tomb of theTull”: Our hero from “Some Tomorrow” returns home and mourns what has been lost, perhaps including his own soul. Or at least he thinks he does… maybe it was just the mushrooms. Denny’s Flute playing is both dramatic and mesmerizing, and sets up the musical trip back to the ‘60’s. Flashbacks encouraged!

Black Snake – A dark and sinister Western tale in the traditions of Louis L'Amour and Robert Hunter highlights the battle of man vs evil vs nature. Who will win? The last 10 seconds of the song finish the story. Hendrixy Voodoo guitar by Jon carries you through the trip.

Midnight Train Blues – Phil’s blues solo masterpiece takes you deep into Delta territory. Our intrepid bluesman accompanies his own vocals with Harp, acoustic finger picking and slide guitar on a 70 year old Dobro.

Aftermath Suite, Movement 2- “The Voodoo Priest”: Picking up where Movement 1 leaves off, the band heads into an intense instrumental journey, as our hero is running from someone, but he’s not sure why. Denny masterfully winds up the Hammond B-3 into a crescendo, followed by some Big Voodoo action by Jonny Ray Gould. You aren’t going to be able to get enough of this one….

Cadillac Woman – When you roll into a strange town, hot and dusty from miles of traveling, you might want to stop in at the local watering hole….just be careful what you ask for! Country Tele Twang, Smokin’ Slide Guitar, and tons of Outlaw Attitude is on tap.

Too Cold Blues – A hilarious and all too familiar tale that shows what happens when you mix too much beer with an angry spouse who has locked herself in the bathroom on a cold and snowy night. Classic hops drenched Blues riffs prevail.

Aftermath Suite, Movement 3- “Whales of Bangkok” : Couldn’t get enough of Movement 2? Well there’s more! Massive Marshall / Strat / Hedrixy soloing drives full throttle to the edge of the water on this instrumental. Our hero has escaped whoever was chasing him, and has found himself in the bilge of a Chinese Junk. How can you tell? Just listen! Denny, again, provides masterful work on this crazy percussive stringed thingy to create some incredible musical imagery.

Buttercups – A pretty little song about innocent, young love, thinking about that tender first kiss in a field of buttercups overlooking a lovely pond. Yeah, right…..bouncy infectious riff with Clapton Cream-era guitar tones. Peace out, dude!

Aftermath Suite, Movement 4- “Grin of the ELF”: Back from his “trip”, our hero emerges, much as he started: Cold, broke, hungry and pissed off at someone! “Who is the ELF, and why does he hate me?” Kudos to Denny once more on the Flute!

Stickin’ with the Band – Funky riffs, friendly natives, pistol fights, drug deals gone bad…yup, just another night on the road with Idlewilde! This self-indulgent Texas-Funk based riff fest is a dance floor favorite, and a surprise excursion into wailing Southern Rock celebrates the two-plus decades of one of Connecticut’s favorite bands. Any resemblance to persons living or dead contained in this material is entirely intentional! And YOU know who YOU are! (


01 - Some Tomorrow 08:22

02 - Down This Road Before 06:04

03 - Aftermath - Tomb Of The Tull 03:56

04 - Black Snake 06:26

05 - Midnight Train Blues 04:03

06 - Aftermath - Voodoo Priest 03:55

07 - Cadillac Woman 04:25

08 - Too Cold Blues 03:47

09 - Aftermath - Whales Of Bangkok 04:01

10 - Buttercups 04:22

11 - Aftermath - Grin Of The E.L.F. 03:26

12 - Stickin' With The Band 05:55

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