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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Livin' Blues 1969 Hell's Session

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:09
Size: 89,48 MB



Nicko Christiansen: vocals, bongos, guitar
Ted Oberg: lead guitar
John La Grand: harmonica
Henk Smitskamp: bass, keyboards
Cesar Zuiderwijk: drums


The Dutch quartet Livin' Blues was, along with Cuby & The Blizzards, one of the main forces of Continental European blues at the end of the Sixties.

Until 1967, the duo Nicko Christiansen (voc, perc, g) and John La Grand (harm) had only played acoustic instruments, but switched to electric and formed Livin' Blues. American city blues was the source for their authentic, hard blues-rock on the vinyl debut "Hell's Session" (1969). They adapted songs by Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and Little Walter.

Permanently changing personal hindered the band on their way up to stardom. Especially the position of a drummer was often vacant. Founder member Cesar Zuiderwijk was supplanted by Dick Beekman, later came Johnny Le Jeune and Arjean Kamminga and finally Englishman Kenny Lamp (ex-Jellybread and ex-Keylargo). Second bassist was Ruud van Buuren. Producer of the first LP was former Golden Earring member Jaap Eggermont. Later British blues expert Mike Vernon produced the band.

For three LPs, Livin' Blues played solid, technically perfect blues-rock. Focal point was Nicko Christiansen's, roaring voice and Ted Oberg's excellent guitar technique.

The fourth album "Ram Jam Josey" (1974) went into a different direction. The band switched to popular and timeless heavy rock, but still showing blues outlines.

Thanks to the Dutch hit single "Boogie Woogie Woman", in 1973, the band was on the road to commercial success. Until then they had lived of their reputation as a good live band and their cult following. But, despite hopeful signs of a bright future, the band got into internal quarrel again and disbanded.

Ted Oberg rivived Livin' Blues only a few months later with Indonesian John Fredriksz (voc), Cor van der Beek (dr) and his old Livin' Blues friend Henk Smitskamp (b, key). The new Livin' Blues team returned to classical blues roots, but in 1975/76, musical preferences had changed, nobody wanted to hear blues anymore. Livin' Blues ended on the club circuit and as festival opener.


01 - Waitin' On You 02:47

02 - One Night Blues 06:41

03 - Bowlegged Woman 02:35

04 - Hell's Session 04:51

05 - Big Road Blues 02:45

06 - Black Panther 03:09

07 - Worried Dreams 05:11

08 - Big Black Train 03:58

09 - Murphy McCoy 02:52

10 - My Sister Kate 02:20

11 - You Better Watch Yourself (Sonny Boy) 02:46

12 - One Night Blues 04:34

Livin' Blues here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



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