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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Red House (Spain) 1998 Red House

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:56
Size: 47,44 MB



01 - She Loves Me Overtime 04:07

02 - Crazy Bed 04:57

03 - The Day The Dream Comes True 05:32

04 - Sunny Ray 03:58

05 - Drivin' 04:19

06 - Right Between The Lies 04:22

07 - Lovin' On The Telephone 03:31

08 - Skunked 06:12

09 - Hooked On The Road 03:24

10 - Spice In Life 04:25

11 - Oh Wee 04:23

12 - Son Of Anthony Quinn 02:46

Red House (Spain) here:

On request of the artist all download-links removed, but by the kindly permission of Red House I got all the spotify-links, so you can listen for free to all the tracks by clicking on the track-title.

Hi Mile

I've just found your blog SouthernBluesRock. It's very nice, and thank you
for promoting Blues music and live music, that's great!

But I would like you to remove the cd's from online. We are a small group
from Madrid. We've been 15 years playing and living on the road, so our
incomes come from the gigs and the cd selling. It's true that until 2011
our music maybe was difficult to be found, as you just could get our cd's
in one shop in Madrid or in our gigs, but right now, finally we are
online, thanks to a friend who could move us on Spotify, iTunes, etc. So,
as now, our music can be listened for free with spotify, you could change
the direct download of the cd with the link to our music in Spotify. So
you keep the music available on your site, and each time somebody listen
to one of our songs, we would be earning 0,001€ to 0,002€, minus 20% that
the online company charges us by managing our online music, but hey, at
least it's something!

What do you think about this? If you agree I would send you the links to
our six cd's we have recorded (actually you just have three).

Red House/Paella Records

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