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Monday, February 25, 2013

SweetKiss Momma 2010 Revival Rock

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 195 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:41
Size: 63,19 MB

United States

Album Notes

SweetKiss Momma, out of Puyallup, WA (about 30 min. south of Seattle), is a band for the ages. Though they have been fittingly described as a "roots" or "southern" rock, those classifications fall short when you recognize the late-60's British invasion, 70's era jam band, and even early 80's metal that impressively seeps it's way into the "SKM" brew. Whether it be classic blues riffs, multi-part harmonies, funk-inspired breakdowns, or grandiose anthems, none are out of place in their dynamically capable hands. These guys obviously spent some time digesting their parent's record collections, and seem as though they would be right at home on a vinyl LP circa '74.

At the heart of their original material is a soulful bend that is completely genuine. These boys, who were raised on a steady diet of hymns and spirituals, skillfully combine aspects of this upbringing with the sunny-day vibe and playful bravado you would expect from a group just as concerned with rocking your socks off as any other article of clothing. Lyrically, "SKM" embraces such classic themes as; cheap love, costly loss, and afternoons spent wasting time, all with a slight wink to a naughty streak buried just under the surface.

If you have been longing to find others like you; lovers of honest music who still believe that Rock-n-Roll can help save the world, then let me introduce you to your new favorite band: SWEETKISS MOMMA.


01 - Ready To Go 03:22

02 - Son Of The Mountain 04:03

03 - Slow Fade 02:49

04 - Mercy Love 04:19

05 - Rocket Ride 03:52

06 - Strange Fire 06:00

07 - Sweet Little Thing 03:27

08 - Ounce Left Of Pride 03:14

09 - Sugar In The Raw 03:19

10 - Come Clean 05:01

11 - Good God Woman 02:36

12 - To Help A Man 04:39

SweetKiss Momma here:





Anonymous said...

Hello. I want to thank you for sharing our music, videos, and info on your blog. Your support is greatly appreciated!


w/SweetKiss Momma

elvis70 said...

Thank you.

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