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Monday, August 12, 2013

Blues 'n' Trouble 1994 Bag Full Of Boogie

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:01
Size: 139,62 MB

United Kingdom

The culmination of a years work is represented accurately on this our latest live recording. Last year's "Poor Moon" was a wide exploration into this multi-faceted music which we love. The arrival of Mike Park in the line-up, succeding John Bruce (guitarist, writer and founder-member), while not radically changing the traditional hard-hitting band sound, has in fact refined it to standard endorsed by our loyal audience in Europe. These four Scottish gigs supplied the vital enthusiasm and feedback for an album of this style.

The sounds themselves range through the Texas swing of "Riding In My Cadillac", brand new items such as "You Got Me Spinnin'" and "Serenade For A Wealthy Widow". The bluesy "Drugstore Woman", Tim's tribute to Sonny Boy and our own "Blue Because Of You", reflect our own approach to these classic styles. So much more here. An R&B workout of "Bag Full Of Boogie", country blues in "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", a Chicago "Slim's Chance" and the Memphis style "Down In Dallas".

So sit back, pour yourself a large one, turn the sound up and enjoy it. (Lou Martin - January 1994)


Tim Elliott - vocals, harmonica, guitar
Mike Park - guitar
Alan Scott - bass
Lou Martin - piano, organ
Lox Lovell - drums


01 - Bag Full Of Boogie 03:00

02 - Riding In My Cadillac 03:32

03 - Deep Blue Feeling 02:16

04 - You Got Me Spinnin 04:57

05 - Blue Because Of You 08:12

06 - Breaking The Ice 02:19

07 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 04:44

08 - Serenade For A Wealthy Widow 04:08

09 - Slim's Chance 04:03

10 - Drugstore Woman 07:32

11 - Looking For My Baby 04:03

12 - Lowdown 08:20

13 - Down In Dallas 03:55

Blues 'n' Trouble here:


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