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This is a visitor request I got a while ago. As I could not help I decided to present it to the community here:


I'm trying to find this whole video concert for at least 7 years. All I could find is a couple of youtube clips. I have all reissues on MP3 but need the video. I love to listen Jane, it's one of mine most important bands for good day at work.

Is it possible that you have it somewhere. If so, can you please, please share it with me?

Many thnx in advance!

Drop the links in shout-box or dbase please!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harri Stojka Express 1980 ...Off The Bone

Genre: Gypsy/Jazz-Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:36:58
Size: 42,28 MB


Harri Stojka is a Viennese jazz guitarist. He comes from the diasporic Lovara-Roma dynasty of the Bagareschtschi clan.

In the 80s he played in Montreux with the likes of Larry Coryell and Birelli Lagrene.

Nowadays he enjoys playing Gypsy jazz which is close to his roots. (


01 - Get Down 03:12

02 - Hop Step&Jump 06:09

03 - Off The Bone 06:15

04 - In Love With You 03:27

05 - Romano Suno 03:31

06 - Dancing The Doodits 08:11

07 - Heavyweight 04:13

08 - Bau No Was Au 02:00

Harri Stojka Express here:

Thanks to an anonymous guest for sharing this album!

Link from the original uploader

Get it!


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