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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarasota Slim 1997 Deep In The Southern Trenches

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:16
Size: 135,57 MB

United States


It was the summer of '95 and the newest members of the band were really beginning to jell. We were becoming very rhythm and groove oriented, and I was just learning to like it a lot. So much so, in fact, that I had to find a way to capture some of our live performances. We were scheduled to appear at the Handy Fest in Florence, Alabama, in early August. This particular festival is a nice little regional event, consisting mostly of a "club-crawl" during the week and topped off by a few, fairly well known Jazz and Blues artists on the weekend.

The whole event - art shows, workshops, and outdoor performances - have a wonderful down-home feel due to the authentic small town setting and the musical history attached to it. W.C. Handy was born in Florence, but what really sweetens my tea are the recording studios in the Florence / Muscle Shoals area that helped produce some of the greatest southern-fried music you've ever heard. So I called a few Studios, here - there - and everywhere, and discovered that what with the recording engineers' schedules and equipment logistics, that I just couldn't find anyone to help me record on those nights.

So, feeling a lot like the little red hen, I thought - "I'll just do it myself," and set out to buy some recording stuff. We were actually on our way out of town when I decided to pull into our local huge music store to buy a nice simple little DÄT recorder. Twenty minutes later I walked out with one of those fancy eight track digital recording devices. (Musician's tip: never enter a major music store with a healthy credit card.) All of this would have you believe that we went up to the Handy Fest, recorded the gigs, and came back with eight tracks of blazing blues fury - not so. The first machine had some digital glitches and had to be traded in for another one. There were some technical problems I had to overcome. Another trip to the major music store with credit card in hand for some compressor / limiters and we were back on track. In the weeks that followed, we recorded all of our gigs. Another trip or two to the major music store for studio monitors, mixing board, and two track DAT recorder to mix with, and my credit card was really beginning to cough and wheeze. Finally - it was done! Mixed with my own little of ears from me to you!

Hope you like it - Gene "Sarasota Slim" Hardage

Final Note - if some of these songs seem a little long, they are. That's because I like to take long walks with my guitar and scream and / or sing into the Dano pickups on my Strat, and generally "act a fool" out at what should be your table!


01 - Walking Blues 03:46

02 - A Nickel And A Nail 10:34

03 - The Things That I Used To Do 04:10

04 - Tin Pan Alley 06:41

05 - Three Hundred Pounds Of Lucy 06:59

06 - Shake Your Money Maker 03:05

07 - Crabs In A Bucket 04:14

08 - Born Under A Bad Sign 06:01

09 - Living In My Suitcase 05:54

10 - Scratch My Back 04:49

11 - Rum And Iko Medley 03:03

Sarasota Slim here:


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