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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smokin' Gun 2000 Live Round From Seattle

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:14:00
Size: 169,24 MB

United States

Playing blues/rock music is a difficult way to earn a living. I was reading recently that the great Blind Pig artist Jimmy Thackery had reduced his band to the current 3 player format due to the high cost of touring with a larger band. A friend of mine, who is also a blues/rock artist, once told me that he preferred the 3 player format for the same reason, and also because it was very difficult for him to find good, reliable, sober musicians. While I enjoy a strong 3 player band, the addition of other musicians can add a lot to a band's sound and versatility.

Smokin' Gun is an prime example of just how good a band can be with the fuller array of players.

Based in Seattle, Washington, the band features 2 excellent lead/slide guitarists, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, and a vocalist who provides some extra percussion work along with his extremely enjoyable singing. The net result of all of this is a tight, high energy, and dynamic blues/rock band.

"Live Rounds From Seattle" is a delightful recording from start to finish. The songs are mostly up tempo and the energy level strong throughout the set. Both lead guitarists are excellent and there are plenty of hot guitar licks from each of them. Their supporting cast is first rate featuring an extremely tight rhythm section. Being an old bass player myself, I listen closely to the bass and drums and these guys are just plain good. The keyboards and vocals are likewise. The songs are originals mixed together with ZZ Top, Robert Cray, Allman Brothers, and Albert Collins cover tunes. The band also connects well with the crowd. I am a great fan of live recordings and this is one live recording to which you are going to listen and wish you have been there for the show.

There is so much good material on this recording, but I particularly enjoy the band's renditions of "Don't Go", "Fool For Your Stockings", "One Way Out", and especially the title track from their studio CD "Bad Luck Blues".

This CD is a must have for any blues/rock fan. (


01 - Introduction 00:21

02 - Don't Go 06:10

03 - Don't Touch My Girl 04:49

04 - Fool For Your Stockings 10:13

05 - I Need You Baby 04:16

06 - Bad Luck Blues 05:55

07 - Too Tired 04:07

08 - Nothin' Good To Say 07:15

09 - One Way Out 07:08

10 - La Grange 03:47

11 - Boom Boom 05:12

12 - Cold Sweat 04:03

13 - Forecast Calls For Pain 10:44

Smokin' Gun here:

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