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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barrelhouse 1998 Time Frames

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:42
Size: 104,72 MB


A leading Dutch pop journalist, the well respected Jip Golsteyn, once wrote that Barrelhouse is and has been for a long time, the leading rhythm & blues group in the Low Countries. The band started in 1974, released 10 albums in as many years, among them a live album with the legendary Albert Collins from Texas.

After some changes in personnel during their acclaimed existence, the band split up in 1986, individual members finding new ways in different groups. But in spite of leadsinger Tineke Schoemaker's chart success with One Two, a longing for the supple and solid band that once was theirs crept into the minds of the Barrelhouse members while time passed. In 1993 Barrelhouse hit the road again with their original line-up. It was an instant success, not in the least because of the flexibility with which the band renewed its repertoire. This renewed sound and approach was highlighted on the CD's that followed: Fortune Changes (1993) and Time Frames (1998). By the end of the Summer of 2002 the third CD since the split was released: Walking in Time.

Some say that Barrelhouse is 'magic', a lucky combination of musicians that blends into an energetic and solidly lubricated piece of rhythm & blues, all at once catching the eye, forcing you to dance. The most obvious element is the powerful voice of the lead singer Tineke Schoemaker. She doesn't need to imitate: her soul and sound are original, her range and timing touches the audience immediately. But where would she be without the band featuring bass player Jan Willem Sligting and drummer Bob Dros who make up the very solid rhythm section always leaving room for the soloist to perform on top with their very characteristic Barrelhouse groove. Both guitar players Johnny and Guus LaPorte prove that excellent guitar-solos and strong and inspired rhythm guitar go hand in hand. The brothers excel in both. The band is completed by the technical prowess of piano player Han van Dam, who adds to the solidity of the rhythm section both during solos or in accompaniment. Barrelhouse is dynamic in their slow blues and medium tempo, but even more so when they get worked up with an energetic number which they perform with a kind of enthousiasm that puts a spell on any audience lucky enough to catch a show.

The band has appeared on Dutch television on several occasions and played on major European festivals like Breminale (Bremen - Germany), Moulin Blues (Ospel, The Netherlands), The R&B Festival Peer (Belgium), Blue Balls Festival (Luzern, Switzerland) and North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague, The Netherlands). Their most recent CD Walking in Time is now available and is already receiving raving reviews in The Netherlands. (


01 - The Train 04:50

02 - The Fields Have Turned Brown 04:32

03 - Worried Blues 05:22

04 - Much Later 03:40

05 - Baby Please 05:02

06 - Another Way To Find You 04:30

07 - Sally Go Round The Roses 04:49

08 - Hard Time Killing Floor 03:35

09 - Skin And Bones 04:20

10 - Straight To The Airport 02:00

11 - I Won't Answer 03:02

Barrelhouse here:

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