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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secret Oyster 1974 Sea Son

Genre: Jazz-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:27
Size: 113,10 MB


This is a lost classic from these relatively unheard of Danish jazz fusion/psychsters. A very tight unit that at times sound like the Mahavishnu Orchestra albeit more laid back, especially the violin on track two "Mind Movie", and the build up on "Pajamamafia" is very Birds of Fire era 'vishnu. The Secret Oyster could also put together some great pieces of music some times very hypnotic as is the case with said mentioned "Mind Movie" with a looping riff over some nice guitar work from Claus Bøling. Soft Machine also come to mind occasionally but the songs the Oyster produce really stand up on their own though the sound would be the same time zone as during 1973-'74 the Soft Machine added a guitarist to their line up, and as much as I like the Soft Machine, I find Sea Son a much more listenable and working experimental album as opposed to Softs or Bundles as these two records were more akin to Jazz/rock fusion more than the earlier Soft Machine work but lacked the bite, raw energy or innocence of the earlier work.

Sea Son is certainly a fresh and engrossing album with plenty of raw action. All round The Secret Oyster put together a fine collection of tracks on their second album which then is all the more surprising that they have remained almost an obscure unit (though signed to the mighty CBS who virtually looked after the majority of jazz and jazz related acts) when at that time during the early to mid seventies the fusion genre took flight and many acts used it very successfully, some arguably with a lesser talent and craft than the Secret Oyster, but such is life. I had come across their name in conversation a few times over the years and the albums kept alluding me and I began to wonder was it just a myth or something. I don't know if these are available on CD but they should be searched out, they are quite collectible on vinyl. Certainly a must and especially for those who are fans of the fusion era. Very rewarding music that deserves attention. (


01 - Oysterjungle 03:02

02 - Mind Movie 09:17

03 - Pajamamafia 06:13

04 - Black Mist 03:42

05 - Painforest 05:33

06 - Paella 08:28

07 - Sea Son 05:26

08 - Alfresco Part I 05:39

09 - Alfresco Part II 02:07

Secret Oyster here:

Ziddu (Accepts parallel downloads! No waiting!!)


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