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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hacha 2006 Moorpark Street

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:33
Size: 103,63 MB

United States

This album offers any fan of Guitar Driven Rock an exciting listen. With today's radio airwaves filled with uninteresting, simplistic garbage; the songs on "Moorpark Street" are diverse enough to be on the radio while still maintaining great musicianship and interesting song structure. My favourite song, "Brown Rabbit", with its catchy bass intro and rolling rhythm has a structure that is both musically interesting and pleasing to the ear. If you're tired of today's dull, cookie cutter rock, then pick up a copy of "Moorpark Street". (Jason Mangual)


01 - Campfire 05:39

02 - 5 Foot 3 06:12

03 - Belly Up 04:31

04 - Big Sky 10:13

05 - Brown Rabbit 05:59

06 - Diddly 06:57

07 - Gypsy Cab 05:10

08 - Ugh! 03:49

09 - Goldmine 07:14

10 - Week Again (Studio) 09:26

11 - Week Again (Live) 10:23

Hacha here:




Anonymous said...

Hi Mile
De antemano le agradezco todo lo
que nos a compartido durante tanto
tiempo, pero pienso que es mi deber
informarle que desde el día de hoy mediafire se a convertido en un serio problema para las descargas.,
Podría ser Ud. tan amable de solucionar este problema, seria esto de mucho aprecio por nosotros
sus amigos y los que día con día visitamos su blog.

SouthernBluesRock said...

Thanks for your information! If you have troubles with mediafire there is always a multifile-hosting-link, so you can choose your favourite download-link.

Since megaupload was shut down I have not found a really perfect file-hoster, but I think mediafire works well for a lot of people all over the world, so I will keep it for a while.

Please give me your suggestions of preferred file-hosting-services!

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