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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sonny Moorman Group 2005 Crossroads Motel

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:22
Size: 119,75 MB

United States

Crossroads Motel is a fitting title for the latest from the Sonny Moorman Group. The trio has not only visited the cross section between Blues and Rock -- they've grabbed a room and set up camp for the long haul. (Hope they don't charge by the hour!) Moorman is a masterly guitarist and vocalist, well versed in Blues' various forms. But as Crossroads expertly shows, it's a fool's move to try to pin Moorman down to just one thing.

The album kicks off with the crackle of old vinyl before kicking in full-bore for the slide-guitar and harmonica-drenched "Rainmaker," which is reminiscent of Alt.Blues revivalist The Black Keys in its riff-and-melody mirror imaging. After throwing stakes down in the Blues, Moorman and Co. jam the gears and skid into "I Forget to Forget You," a remarkable, highly melodic slab of Heartland Rock that wouldn't be out of place on your favourite Rock radio station. From there, the trio skips between roadhouse rumble ("Texas Blues"), sky-is-cryin' balladry ("Last Call"), Hendrixian expansiveness ("Remembering Cal"), creeping, smoky swingers ("Blues After Dark"), monstrous Riff Rock ("Chance We Take For Love," "House of Thunder") and reverential acoustic minimalism ("Souled Out"), never sounding like musical tourists at any turn.

The Sonny Moorman Group is the full package -- ace chops, soulful vocals, proficient songwriting and a daredevilish adventurousness that not only helps make the band dynamic and multifarious, but also gives them a distinct identity in a field where distinctiveness isn't always evident, let alone celebrated. (Cincinnati CityBeat: 10/12/2005: Locals Only: Local Disc-O-Mania)


01 - Rainmaker 04:50

02 - I Forget To Forget You 02:48

03 - Texas Blues 05:05

04 - Last Call 06:37

05 - Crossroads Motel 04:59

06 - Remembering Cal 03:20

07 - Blues After Dark 02:18

08 - Change My Mind 2 04:25

09 - Chance We Take For Love 04:22

10 - Souled Out 04:27

11 - House Of Thunder 05:07

12 - 'Sound Effect' 00:45

13 - Hide Away 03:19

]The Sonny Moorman Group here:

Thanks to a friend of SBR for sharing this album!



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