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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lynyrd Skynyrd 1976 One More From The Road

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 48000
Time: 02:27:15
Size: 168,77 MB

United States

review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Double live albums were commonplace during the '70s, even for bands that weren't particularly good in concert. As a travelin' band, Lynyrd Skynyrd made their fame and fortune by being good in concert, so it made sense that they released a double-live, entitled One More from the Road, in 1976, months after the release of their fourth album, Gimme Back My Bullets. That might have been rather quick for a live album -- only three years separated this record from the group's debut -- but it was enthusiastically embraced, entering the Top Ten (it would become one of their best-selling albums, as well). It's easy to see why it was welcomed, since this album demonstrates what a phenomenal catalog of songs Skynyrd accumulated.

Street Survivors, which appeared the following year, added "That Smell" and "You Got That Right" to the canon, but this pretty much has everything else, sometimes extended into jams as long as those of the Allmans, but always much rawer, nearly dangerous. That catalog, as much as the strong performances, makes One More from the Road worth hearing. Heard here, on one record, the consistency of Skynyrd's work falls into relief, and they not only clearly tower above their peers based on what's here; the cover of "T for Texas" illustrates that they're carrying on the Southern tradition, not starting a new one. Like most live albums, this is not necessarily essential, but if you're a fan, it's damn hard to take this album off after it starts.



01 - Introduction - Workin' For MCA 05:32

02 - I Ain't The One 03:47

03 - Saturday Night Special 05:39

04 - Searching 04:01

05 - Travellin' Man 04:37

06 - Simple Man 06:56

07 - Whiskey Rock-A-Roller 04:48

08 - The Needle And The Spoon 04:35

09 - Gimme Back My Bullets 04:01

10 - Tuesday's Gone 08:26

11 - Gimme Three Steps 05:11

12 - Call Me The Breeze 05:51

13 - T For Texas 09:15


01 - Sweet Home Alabama 07:29

02 - Crossroads 04:16

03 - Free Bird 11:34

04 - Introduction - Workin' For MCA (Alternate) 05:38

05 - I Ain't The One (Alternate) 03:52

06 - Searching (Alternate) 04:13

07 - Gimme Three Steps (Alternate) 04:42

08 - Call Me The Breeze (Alternate) 05:43

09 - Sweet Home Alabama (Alternate) 07:27

10 - Crossroads (Alternate) 04:46

11 - Free Bird (Alternate) 14:56

Lynyrd Skynyrd here:



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