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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Help 2007 The Help

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:44
Size: 109,26 MB

United States

Album Notes

Where’s the Help when you want it? Where’s the Help when you need it? Chances are, if it isn’t coming to somebody’s musical rescue in a nearby town, it can be found at its home base between Raleigh and Durham, NC creating a dynamic mix of original songs with a decidedly bluesy underpinning.

Band History

We’re not talking about the down in the Delta, back porch variety of blues, nor the young hat-wearing, gun-slinging type, though admirers of those styles could find something to like with this group. While there may be occasional nods to what has come before, as is often the case with music, elements of rock and roll, country, and even reggae can be found in the sound that is the HELP. Even those terms don't fully suffice when trying to get a handle on the group in totality.

Why the HELP? "We've all been paying our dues and kicking around in bands throughout the years", says guitarist Jason Barker. Performing musicians certainly know what its like to be treated as the help at times. Then there's the notion that we’d like to help people with our music. The group has indeed already been of help, coming together in the summer of 2005 to aid an ailing local musician by coordinating and playing a medical fundraising event which drew in some of the Triangle areas most prominent entertainers. "I don’t think we have this premeditated grand notion necessarily of changing the world with what we do", Barker continues, "We are essentially a rock and blues garage band looking for a good time. The garage is really nice though, and we try to put the proper amount of thought into our music and the craft of it".

After all, as one of their lyrics says "This ain't no Dylan were talking about", the HELP isn't so much about pushing political agendas or creating new religions unless your political and religious platform is built upon honest music played by real people with real instruments. That said, the HELP is continually evolving and tries to avoid any boundaries which would limit the parameters of their expression. What you see today might not be what you get tomorrow.

2006 has seen the HELP busy in the studio completing their debut album to be released in Feb 2007 for Kicking Bear Records, with a second installment already in the works. Consisting solely of original compositions, the band is gearing up to embark upon a mission to bring its music to whoever wants to hear it, and to some who probably don't. "This is not about being another group that plays Mustang Sally or Play That Funky Music White Boy", says Barker. Those are all good and well; but we want to make songs that have that kind of impact, where others want to play what we've written. So while the band continues to evolve nothing seems to be sacred in terms of lyrical content.


01 - No Win Situation 04:37

02 - All I Can Stand 04:28

03 - The Call That Never Comes 03:51

04 - Speaking Freely 05:08

05 - Struggle With The Blues 05:09

06 - Things Aren't Always As They Seem 04:53

07 - Three Minutes Till Midnight 05:23

08 - Blow Us Away 03:46

09 - Serpent's Lament 04:57

10 - The Fix 05:32

The Help here:



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