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Friday, September 28, 2012

Electric Sandwich 1972 Electric Sandwich

Genre: Rock
Rate: 280 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:05
Size: 88,48 MB


This album was released in 1971 and it really blends that blues rock style with jazz to amazing results. The guitarist adds a little organ and mellotron to this recording, but make no mistake this is a guitar/drum led album with some excellent sax added to the mix. Sadly the band broke up while working on their second record because the guitarist wanted to go into a more jazz direction while the drummer wanted to go into a more rock vein. This was recorded at Dieter Dirks famous studio in Germany of course.

"China" is simply pure Krautrock. It opens with a gong before we get this hypnotic,trippy beat while the psychedelic guitar does it's thing. Just a pleasure to listen to. Some chaos to end it. "Devil's Dream" has a 60's vibe in the intro and outro as the guitar cries out while vocals come and go. It gets jazzy 2 minutes in as sax,relentless bass and light drums take over. Great sound 4 minutes in when the guitar comes back. "Nervous Creek" rocks out pretty good. Vocals and drums lead the way. It changes to a jazzy flavour 3 minutes in. Love the guitar after 4 minutes as the intro melody comes back.

"It's No Use To Run" again kills me with the guitar. It just sounds so good that's all. Vocals come in as drums pound. Harmonica 1 1/2 minutes in. The guitar rips it up after 3 minutes. "I Want You" opens with guitar and harp. Cool sound. Drums and vocals take over. Ballad-like until sax and then some killer guitar arrive. Sax sounds great 3 minutes in. Some excellent bass and organ follow. Sax ends it. "Archie's Blues" is named after the lead singer. This is a straight up blues track. The vocals and guitar are very much in that style. He says "Check this guitar boys" as the guitarist then makes his guitar cry the blues. "Material Darkness" opens with heavy bass,sax,guitar and drums. Really good sound to this part. Vocals a minute in. Check out the chunky bass after 1 1/2 minutes. Mellotron after 2 1/2 minutes. Nice. The tempo continues to change and it kicks back into gear after 4 minutes. (


01 - China 08:12

02 - Devil's Dream 06:24

03 - Nervous Creek 05:08

04 - It's No Use To Run 04:07

05 - I Want You 05:31

06 - Archie's Blues 04:59

07 - Material Darkness 05:08

08 - On My Mind 03:28

09 - China (Single Version) 03:08

Electric Sandwich here:



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