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Friday, June 21, 2013

JR Band 2007

Genre: Rock
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:01
Size: 76,86 MB


When you listen to this third JR Band-album, you hear more feeling, more emotion, more groove in the songs. Although music of the JR Band is Rock 'n' Roll at its best, J(an) R(ijbroek) puts his full soul in the 9 songs. Not surprisingly though that this record is dedicated to his friends who passed away.

Great rockers like "Baby Get Down" and "Nothing To Loose" are present, but also listen to the simplicity of "At The End Of The Day": a 7 minutes-song in which JR sings with restrained passion. A great slow blues with a steamy, swampy theme, almost ready to relax! And listen to the the Richie Sambora-rocker "If God Was A Woman", sung by Peter Cook in duet with JR, as well as the Neil Diamond-cover "Love On The Rocks" also sung by Peter Cook. JR decided to put them on the album because they're classics from the JR Band gigs, and so always were played live. They do the album very good.

"For Absent Friends" is written in the studio and is a last farewell to their friends who passed away. And what a contrast: Lee Clayton's melancholy "A Little Cocaine" is an almost Amsterdamlike song with it's accordeon. It's something JR always wanted to record and he did it very well!

Heavy guitars in "I Wanna Make Love To You" and again in duet with Peter Cook, they give some power! To end with "Come Rain Come Shine". A hommage to the fans: "Thanks for the support and see you at our gigs!" With their new drummer Franky "Mr. T.N.T." the JR Band hasn't lost anything of their power.

In my opinion this album is more mature than "the real McCoy", their previous album. So, it took a long time to have the new one in my hands but it's more than worth it!! (Clemens Steenweg)


01 - Baby Get Down 03:08

02 - For Absent Friends 07:07

03 - Nothing To Loose 03:27

04 - At The End Of The Day 07:09

05 - If God Was A Woman 03:40

06 - Love On The Rocks 05:54

07 - Little Cocaine 04:59

08 - I Wanna Make Love To You! 08:41

09 - Come Rain, Come Shine 03:56

JR Band here:


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